The Early Bird

This morning I opened a window looking out into my backyard. The sun had not yet come up, but it was just bright enough to see outside. There was a single bird in the grass, hunting for an early breakfast. Normally, throughout the day, there are a dozen or two birds in the lawn of my backyard. I enjoy standing at the window watching them.

In the book of John we read the following:

John 9:4 (ESV) We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.

Putting aside the fact that some folks work at night, after all, the world still turns and if folks did not work at night, things during the day would be undone, and, some folks are just night owls, but putting that aside, regardless of when a believer works, day or night, what John was getting at in this verse is that when we work, we need to make sure that we are putting forth our efforts, regardless of what we might do, in a quest and manner that is for God.

I happen to be in a job that has me doing work that helps other Christians. Every bit of work is designed to help Christians live their life, to express their life, and to help them minister to others. But that does not mean that every morning I wake up going "alright, lets do some work for God!". I think, like most of us, even when a person does 'work' that might be 'for God', it does not mean that we are focused on doing it, for God, but rather, just doing it.

This morning, as I watched the little bird jumping around in my backyard, trying to find a worm, or a few spiders, or who knows what, I stood there for a minute or two and just marveled at God's creation. It was a pretty little bird. It was out on the lawn before all of its fellow birds. Smart little thing - out getting the early good stuff.

Throughout the rest of today, from the time I stood in front of the window, to the time of writing this, I have allowed myself to hear the message that I sensed the Holy Spirit was trying to convey to me. I think the message was that sometimes we do things that are fully focused on bringing glory to God, and other times we are just getting by in life without being focused on anything at all. That certainly happens to me, but maybe a good thing to do is to start off each day trying to get just a little more focused on getting the good stuff, by spending a few moments focusing on our relationship with our Father.

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

Nice. My wife and I both are looking out the window at Gods creation everyday. Watching deer, turkeys, ducks and today a bald eagle. I will think about what you've said tomorrow morning.


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Good word - do you know the species of the little bird?

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love this!

There is a privacy woods behind my house. It is not very big but it is dense enough that when there are leaves, the houses beyond it cannot be seen. For part of the year, it is home to numerous birds, including owls, as well as other wild life, including deer. Due to the severity of this winter, it has been almost silent for months and I miss it. I found myself simply "feasting" on the picture you posted.

If I am to endure and even find beauty in the cold, dark and silent times, I must spend time with God.

There are no bald eagles in the Redwoods, eh? I did not know that. There are some bald eagles just down the road from me and I will see them sometimes. A lot of bald eagles actually winter on the Mississippi River down near Wabasha which is less than two hours south of me. The National Eagle Center is there.


Sometimes we learn the glory of God by contemplating on His creation around us.. like the birds, flowers, sky, stars and many many more.. endless list..

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