Once saved always saved,that is the question

 this has been a huge debate betwen christians for a long time i suppose and i am not here to debate but to suggest,  before a person says that one can lose there salvation they must understand what salvation is.  just because a person says they are a christian does not mean they are, because a person says they are a member of a church does not make them a christian, just because a person prayed a little prayer inviting jesus into there heart this does not make them a christian,   A christian is a new creation, they are not the same person they used to be,, things are new,, things are different.  A christian knows in there heart that Jesus Christ is the only hope they have, without His merit they have nothing to stand on before God, they realize there need of a savior and they know that the son of God is the only savior offered for them and after they have been justified, they are then sanctified, they have a different sense concerning sin than they did before, they may fall into sin but they will get back up and keep going, there will be a broken pattern,  they wil pursue holiness and righteousness, they will love God's word and even more they will love God's people.    If a person is living in sin that claims to be a christian  i suggest to that person  examine yourself and see if you are of the faith,  turn from your sin and turn to Christ for forgiveness, He is the only hope we have. Once a child of God, always a child of God, God does not throw His children away, He disciplines them.  I have read some people say concerning  part of  John 10:28 "no one can snatch them from my  hand" i have read some say  "yes but you can leave the his hand"  they seem to forget or ignore how the verse starts "I GIVE THEM ETERNAL LIFE, AND THEY SHALL NEVER PERISH". not sure why people want to debate this topic so much, i suppose maybe because it might give some a false sense of security?   people need to get into the word more,  study it, they will know if they are saved or not, the word is full of encouragments and warnings.  Live in Sin, follow the course of the world you are a child of wrath, , follow the Lord Jesus Christ, fix your hope totally on Him, be led by the Holy Spirit you are a child of God, and being a child of God you are sealed by the Holy Spririt,  you are not your own, you my brothers and sisters are bought with a price.     

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Yup, this one has sparked many a heated discussion here in cb, I would say that just as I had no part in my salvation so I trust that the keeping of it is all in the hand of God.

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