The Gospel according to the World part 1

     I have been thinking about this subject for a while now, I have read a few books by one of my favorite pastors; John MacAuthor. He has written several books beginning with the titles "The gospel according to… ", all of them i have read are fantastic and I have learned much from them.  I was thinking a while back, what about the gospel according to the world?  That would be an interesting subject to discuss.  When i say world, I am referring to the majority of those that believe in "a" God and believe in "a" Jesus..  There are many religeons in the wolrd that don't even believe in a singular God but have many gods and so and so forth.  What I would like to talk about is Christianity.  

     Christianity is the worlds largest quote, un quote religieon made up of 2.4 billion people or 33 percent of the worlds population, followed by Islam, then aithism, then finally hinduism.   2.4 billion people is a lot of people,  It gets even better as of 2015 some 75 percent of adults in the United States identified themselves as Christians, which is down from 85 percent in 1990.  Wow! Christianity lost 10 percent of it's members in 15 years?  Where did they go?  I suppose it didn't work for them so they moved on.  Islam is catching up quickly.  I just did a bit of research and learned that Christianity has dropped to a bit over 70 percent followed by those that are unafilliated, followed by judaism then Islam..  I noticed in the research page it said  70 percent "follow" Christianity, Note the word "follow". 

     To follow something is to go where it goes, you do what it does, you turn when it turns, you stop when it stops.  Every professing Christian knows that Chritianity stems from the man Jesus Christ and His word   So what the study is saying here is 70 percent of the adult population of the USA follows Jesus Christ and His word?  Well if you understand the word "follow" that is exactly what it's saying, but in reality it means to identify with, in other words  I believe in God and i believe in Jesus therefore I'm a Chritian, pretty much like a child believes in santa clause and the easter bunny.    

     The Bible is very clear those that will enter heaven will be few but according to the world there will be many, in fact pretty much everyone unless they are killers or pedophiles or just bad people, its their version of the gospel I would like to discuss.  


God bless   





K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

For too many people, the "box" marked Christian is checked simply because the other choices don't seem to apply to them. Even many of those who profess to follow Christ, have forgotten or ignored what it means to repent and what it means to take up your cross and follow Him. :cry:

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