The Gospel according to the World part 2

      The gospel that is preached or taught in the majority of churches today is not the gospel at all.  I'm not saying it's not good news because it is.  follow Jesus he will make you rich, follow Jesus and all your problems will be gone, follow Jesus you will be healthy and if you're not healthy it's because you didn't have enough faith.  This is just one version of a gospel,  Here is another:

     I was in a church one night several years ago and the minister stood up and said  "Is there anyone here that wants to be saved?" A man and his son stood up, the minisiter asked them a couple of questions "do you believe that Jesus is the son of God"  they both said yes.  He asked them something else but I dont recall, after they answered the questions, the minister said  "that's it, you are saved".  This is called easy believism, and this is probably the biggest heresy of them all and it has spread like wild fire.  Not really sure where or when this started but this type of christianity makes up probably most of the 70 percent of those professing christians in the United States.  But why?  Because it stimulates church growth, 

     People love to hear what they wanna hear and do what they want to do with no or little regard to consequences.  Ministers that are church growth driven love to preach easy messages because they know  the message will attract.  I heard Joel Olsteen say one time that he likes to make the scripture fit what he is talking about.   Think about that for a moment, this man pastors the largest congregation in the United States and that don't even count all that are listening to him on radio or watching him on television.   He takes the scripture and twists it to his own liking,  I was listening to him one sunday morning before church and he was preaching on the seeds and the sower,  He said  you are the seed and the soil are the people that are around you,  i was like uhhh what?  He continued, basically you need people around you to encourage you and help you grow.  I was thinking, is there anyone in this church with a bible? Jesus says in Mark, if you dont understand this parable how will you understand any of them? {paraphrase of course}, folks the parable of the seeds and the sower tells us where we are as believers and where we should be.  It is the foundation of all the other parables. But Joel and so many others are making untold millions on a watered down gospel that does not save anyone. It is a "gospel" that takes a person down the broad road straight to eternal punishment.   These ministers seldom if ever preach repentance, the God they preach is not the God of the bible.  Back when i was a new convert, i was listening to a preacher on Tv, i watched for over 30 minutes before i realized he never said the name of Jesus, not once.  He said God alot, but not Jesus.   A gospel without repentance, a gospel that is without remorse for sinning against a Holy God, A gospel that doesn't teach one must follow Christ in order to be saved, is not the gospel of the bible.      end of part 2

God bless


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

A gospel that doesn't teach one must follow Christ in order to be saved, is not the gospel of the bible. …
While I understand what you are getting at in this blog I would like to suggest that this statement is not factually correct. You see scripture tells me that I must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I WILL be saved. Of course the natural out working of that saving grace is to follow him and be a reflection of his grace and mercy in a fallen world.
For those who are not as schooled in scripture could it be that they may think this statement indicates that we have a part in our salvation through the work of following?
Im not being rude or argumentative I hope. I just wonder if this is a possibility?

totally agree with you on the prosperity preachers. Cannot abide their message that is preached to a first world people in a first world society.

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