What is true saving faith

       In Mark chapter 4 Jesus tells a parable commonly knows as the seeds and the sower, This parable is about 4 different types of people and there reaction to the Gospel, out of the four only two actually recieve it and out of the two only one type of people are true christians, those that bear fruit are the true followers of Christ, the others are simply those that profess a relationship  with Christ,but there lives are totally void of the transforming power of the gospel and during testing either by persecution or real truth coming at them they fall away, either they stop going to church altogether or they go to churches where likeminded folks gather to have there ears scratched. These people would never publicly denly Christ but in there heart they already have.    this parable is a challenge to examine one's self , where are you in this parable?  true saving faith is this:  faith that is obedient to Christ, a faith that works by love for Christ which works its way out to others. A faith that says, Christ is all in all, He is all i need.  I dont need Christ plus anything, He isnt an addition to my life to make it better,  He is my life.  Being a Christian means having  Christ lord over one's life it's not "accepting" Jesus into your heart then going about your life thinking you have fire insurance.  If this is your line of thinking then my friend you are on the broad path which will lead you to hell, the sad part is multitudes are on this path thinking they are on the narrow path.    my challenge is this,  study the word, read the gospels and if there is anything that Jesus says offends you, please examine your own heart  and repent, Turn to the Lord Christ before it's to late, He will forgive your sin and transform your life,  believe the power of the gospel.  

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Good punchy blog

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I think this is the shortest teaching on this I've heard or read. I rank it with the best of them.

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