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A Christian is defined as a person who believes Jesus is the Christ. A Chri
A Christian is defined as a person who believes Jesus is the Christ. A Christian is a follower of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. These teachings are embodied in the Jewish Torah and in a collection of documents written by contemporaries of Jesus and by His early followers. This collection is called the New Testament or the Gospel of Jesus. Gospel simply means "good news". So, considering the definition of a Christian as one who follows the teachings of Jesus, is it possible for a Liberal to be a Christian?

First it is important to define Liberal. The word itself has several synonyms including open-minded, tolerant, and free-thinking. In another sense, 'liberal' means generous, copious, profuse, and excessive. The term also has a political sense - in this sense Liberalism promotes reform. The American Democratic Party currently promotes a Liberal agenda. They seek reform or change by political means. Therefore, if a person thinks of himself as open-minded, tolerant, and free-thinking, that person is a Liberal. It is also logical to assume that this person supports the Democratic Party, its Platform or agenda, and the reform it seeks.

What does a Liberal want to reform or change? He wants to change America so that America is more tolerant and open-minded. The Liberal sees American values as out-dated, not tolerant, and closed-minded.

So what are these American values that are out-of-date and intolerant? American values are Christian values - America was founded on Christian values - Our laws and our Constitution are based upon Judeao-Christian values. This is a simple fact that cannot be logically denied. America was not founded on freedom of religion, it was founded on freedom of Christian religion. The framers of the Constitution were Christians almost to the man. Prior to ratification of the Constitution, the various Colonies were fearful of loosing religious and other freedom to a strong national government, and so they insisted upon a Bill of Rights to protect themselves. Even during the lifetimes of these Constitutional authors, some people sought reform of the Constitution by unconstitutional means, (by liberal interpretation or adjudication). The response to this heresy was the writing of the Federalist Papers. These papers were written to verify the original intent of the Constitution.

Over time, opposition to basic founding ideals and values has grown, and America has become divided between secularists and traditionalists - this has manifested a polarization in politics. The ideological division is deeply split between Liberal and Conservative. Today, a Liberal typically thinks the Democratic Party is too far to the Right and a Conservative typically thinks the Republican Party is too far to the Left. This polarization is much deeper than politics alone. It is 'values' based. The Liberal is secular and wants legitimacy for secular ideals such as homosexuality and abortion. The Conservative is typically supportive of religious ideals or traditional Christian values.

I don't want to leave Moderates out. Polarization is forcing Moderates to choose sides. Anyone still claiming to be a Moderate is either a Liberal or a Conservative without conviction.

It is easy to see where this is going. A Liberal does not want to be restricted by codified Christian values. Abortion is probably the most significant value based rift between Liberals and Conservatives so I will use abortion as an example. Although things like "health of the mother", rape, and incest are often listed as justifiable reasons for an abortion, these are normally not a factor. Abortion is used to fix mistakes - it is a convenience. The unprecedented reaction by Liberals to the election of 2004 is primarily due to the abortion issue. Roe v. Wade was a close decision and the face of the Supreme Court is about to change. No longer if, but when this happens, Liberals will not have their perceived justification by the Law on this issue. To the Liberal, abortion is a right, homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and all religions are equally valid. To the Christian, abortion is murder, homosexuality is sin, and other religions are false. There can be no reconciliation of these differences.

So here is the answer. It is not possible to be a Liberal and a Christian. A Liberal may claim to be a Christian, and a Liberal may even believe he is a Christian by rationalization, but it is simply not so - it can not be true. If you choose to follow the teachings of Jesus, you cannot support murder, immorality, and perversion. You cannot reject the basic tenets of our laws or the Ten Commandments on which our laws are based. A commandment is not a suggestion.

Now, is it possible to be a Democrat and a Christian? The answer is yes. It is possible to support good people within the Democratic Party with votes and money, but there are strong caveats. To knowingly support and elect people who promote a Liberal agenda is sin. Christians who vote Liberal or Democratic straight-ticket either do so though ignorance or naivet©. It is time for Christian Democrats to wake up and realize their Party has been hijacked by National Socialists. If this election was not a wake up call to a Christian Democrat, then that person's Christian credentials are in question.

I don't mean to let the Republican Party off the hook. Both Parties have their problems with honesty because both parties are populated by sinners. However, if sin can be graded and quantified, (which it cannot), the Republicans get a 'C' and the Democrats get an 'F'.

Christians are not basking in this victory of 2004 as Liberals would like to believe. A Christian should know this victory is temporary. Secular liberalism will win out soon. The retaliation will be vicious even to the point of persecution. Christian Democrats need to get their affairs in order - decision time is coming soon. It would be wrong to say this election put off the Rapture by four years, but it would not be wrong to say the rapture is less likely, (by perhaps four years). Jesus stated in no uncertain terms that the generation that sees the rebirth of Israel will see the End Times. That is my generation - the Boomer Generation. Look around you and ask yourself - can't everything predicted literally come together - soon - even now? How much would it take to start this final countdown? We can not know the time, but we can know the season. Never before in the history of mankind has all prophesy regarding the End Times been literally possible. God is about to give 'global warming' a new meaning.

It is not too late to get right with God - He is patient. However, some time soon, there will be a line drawn in the sand. If that line were drawn today, there would not be many Right standing Democrats.

Published: Aug 18 2008 01:46:48pm

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Francisco J Zubia (@tohimbeglory)

I think anyone can be a Christian. The apostle Paul was certainly liberal. He said, to those without the law I become like those without the law, so that I may save some of them. The publican was certainly not conservative, he said to God, God please have mercy on me a sinner! God does not call men not repent because they are conservative but because they are in the road to damnation and need a savior right away, now. All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God. No exceptions. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Paulette Archer (@tealight)

I'm not American, so I'm speaking from a different socio-political context here. New Zealand is a far more secularised society than the USA, and it is highly unusual for New Zealand politicians of any stripe to align themselves with any particular religious group or beliefs: faith is usually treated (rightly or wrongly) as a private matter, although it is considered acceptable for politicians to allow religious belief to influence them in 'conscience [i.e. non-party aligned] votes.In addition, our political system enables multiple parties to hold seats in our 120-member parliament, so we don't operate under a two-party system (although we do have two parties which are significantly larger and more influential than the others). I would certainly consider myself to be a Christian, but I usually vote on the liberal side of the spectrum. There are several reasons for this, but the most pertinent here would be my deep mistrust of allowing ANY religion to set the political agenda for a nation. Politics are for laws, and you can't run a religious life on laws. Doing so is a recipe not for true, living and transforming faith, but dead and fearful legalism. To me, the question is 'should religious people be allowed to use politics to dictate the terms under which non-religious people may live?' Hmmm... well, do we like it when the shoe is on the other foot? And if the answer is yes, how far do we go? Because somewhere down the path of religious-domination-of-politics lies the persecution and murder of those of other religions, witch trials, and the Spanish Inqusition. Modern theocracies in places like the Middle East would also be a case in point. Now, some of you will probably say I'm being naive and idealistic, and I would like to add that I'm NOT talking about issues such as abortion here. Nor am I saying that politicians of religious conviction are undesirable, or should abandon their convictions, or that we should simply follow along with the leadings of secularists in our society: as Christians, we are called to be IN the world but not OF the world - in other words, WE must live out what we know to be right regardless of the politics of our earthly nations. What I am saying, I guess, is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and we need to think long and hard about the extent to which religion and politics should be combined.

Pete Sawyer (@pmsawyer)

My thanks to Mr Law, a guess at the name from how many people make up nick names, for writing this post. I was searching through Google for something else when I came across it. Had this article not been my first I would have never signed up for the Christian Blog service and we have yet to see what good will come from this. Also in the course of registering I found exactly what I needed to argue against Mr Law's viewpoint in the membership agreement which I have pasted below. It reads: We do not believe it is possible for us (or for anybody) to define what a "Christian" is or is not, other then to quote Romans 10:9, which says, "if you will confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved". I am far from a Biblical expert but know that the words from Romans 10:9 are the essence of the Christian faith. I have also learned that labels attached to groups of people and applied to individuals do little to increase understanding or convince anyone to examine another point of view. So while I found the arguments in this article to be thought out in great detail I believe they are counter to the teachings found in Romans, and probably many other places, that has make my argument for me better than I ever could. Hopefully others will be motivated to examine their beliefs as a result of this and the many other postings and a better understanding of how and why we believe will result.

Jeffrey Tol (@servantofhis)

I think you may all be missing jrlaw's point. If I make an informed vote for someone who I am well aware has tendencies to vote "aye" on pro-abortion, gay marriage, etc... issues, I am sending them out as a surrogates on my behalf. I now have ownership in the subsequent votes they cast in congress. If the votes they cast lead to legislation that goes against Biblical principle, I am now partly responsible and thus have sinned against my God. If your leanings toward the Democrat party are guided by a concern for the environment, or feeding the poor, buy a prius and feed the poor, your individual efforts will prove more fruitful than anything the government could possibly achieve on your behalf. God Bless, Jeff

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

I know many Christians who are Democrats. The average democratic person is not typical of the Democratic leadership that is now in office. The Democratic leadership that is in power now does not listen to the people. They have become a democratic dictatorship. KraftyKatz

Brian Hughes (@seekthe1)

Great article! I found this when I was looking on Google for a friend of mine to read. My friend who says he's a Christian just notified me on Facebook that he is a Liberal and a Socialist. I am a conservative and a born again Christian. I wanted to find something for him to read that had some good information and I sent him a link to this blog. I really hope and pray that it plants some seeds.

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