2016 Ecuador Mission Trip

On July 25, 2016 our mission team left Nashville International Airport for Quito Ecuador. There was 8 of us who would meet up with 4 more and some translators and go by bus to Sigchos the next day. After arriving in Sigchos a small town but many people (20,000) we got settled into our hostels and then began working with children and witnessing to people door to door and up and down streets. I say up and down but it seemed everywhere I went was up hill. The town was on top of a mountain that I think was about 9,000 feet elevation.

Some of the people we had witnessed to in previous years so we visited with them to see how they were doing. Mostly though we talked with new people. Sometimes people in the church we were working through would go with us and lead us to people they wanted us to visit. Two of those were confined to their beds and after the visit my partner and I went back and brought them large sacks of food. I feel for those who's bread winners can't get out and feed their families.

One day we loaded up on a bus and went over the mountain to a village with no church at all. Several people came into the village for some kind of town meeting and gave me the perfect opportunity to share the gospel. I led 17 people in a prayer to receive Christ that day. You could say a new church was started. No pastor for them but there was a Christian school teacher that I talked to that said that he would help them. I had mission money so I gave it to him to buy bibles and such.

All together there was 86 people saved that trip. I'm sure well over 100 children were worked with. Lots of people were fed. A very successful trip. I know God was pleased.

We left Ecuador on August 2 to fly back home. We were to arrive in Miami International airport that evening. Lighting hit the airport tower and they lost power. We had to land at another airport and sit there for 2 hours. Finally we flew to Miami and then had to stay on the jet 2 more hours waiting on an open spot. Our flight back to Nashville was canceled and I had to wait til 3:30 the next day to fly home. I've been doing mission work for 15 years now. It never fells that something like that happens every time. I think that the devil wants to make you think twice before going on another mission trip. But he's a looser.



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Wonderful news Hallelujah

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:clap: Wonderful

And Soooooo good to see you, alight!

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That so cool! My Granddaughter went there for six months on a missions assignment.
hey even went into the jungle. he brought home pictures -it's so beautiful.

In October she leaves for Spain at least a year.

So glad to hear you are doing the missions trips again.

Blessings my Friend


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