Have you ever been overwhelmed?

There comes a time in most of our lives that we become overwhelmed because of situations going on that at the time we feel is out of our control. It happened to me a couple times while I took care of my dying wife. It is a feeling that comes over you like a huge wave. It starts to build and build until it comes crashing down upon you.

I went to the home of a lady who is caregiver of her grandmother the other day. I had never been here before and wanted them to know who I am and what I could offer them as a volunteer for the hospice company I go through. She was a nice enough lady and "granny" was also. Granny was 92 and more or less stayed in bed all of the time.

I told the granddaughter that what I do is stay with the patient while the caregiver has a chance to get out to pay bills, buy food or whatever. I could see in her eyes that she did not know about leaving her granny in the house with this man. The bars automatically went up and from then on it was just small talk.

I knew what was going on and tried to think of a way to get through to her that I will be helpful and needed in her life. I remembered the time one evening when I was so overwhelmed with caring for my wife knowing she was dying right there before me that I really thought that I would stroke out and drop dead right there in my living room. I couldn't talk so I text a lady friend to see if she could come over for a little while. She texted back and ask when and I said NOW! The lady was walking in my door in 10 minutes. That means she dropped what she was doing and broke a few speeding laws on the way over. As she walked in I walked out, never saying a word. I went out to the lake and sat and prayed for 30 minutes until the feelings past.

I began to tell the granddaughter that there will be times in caring for granny that she will become overwhelmed. That was all it took. The lights in her eyes came on and it was obvious that she had already been there. Down comes the bars and out comes the notepad and pen for me to write my cell number down. She then began to tell me how often she could use someone like me.

The bible says, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:6 God is always there for us. We have His number on speed dial. We have His word that whenever we need Him He is a prayer away. On the day that I became anxious/overwhelmed about the situation it caused me to cry out for help and on that day God sent an angel to my rescue.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

In answer to your question... yes.

Tonight a speaker I was listening to made the comment that if you are not facing a major crisis now... you will. You can typically expect a major crisis every ten years or so. When he said that, I thought about the past five years. I've had at least four and I almost died from one of them.

[quote]God is always there for us. We have His number on speed dial. We have His word that whenever we need Him He is a prayer away.[/quote] Indeed He is!


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Yes Alight I have experienced that kind of being overwhelmed more than once in my life and God has always been there even when I wasn't walking with him.

Blessings Sweet Brother

Grey Warner @day2day ·

I needed this today and thank you for sharing. For quite some time now...years...I've been fighting the surf...wave after wave...sometimes they break at my feet and might shift me a little in my stance but I can adjust my footing and keep standing...other times they are quite towering and seem to break right on top of my head..over and over...and every time I fight to right myself and get to the surface for air only to be hit again with another wave and the tumbling and panic and suffocating begins all over again. After a while I wash up on the shore beat up and barely breathing. Why can't I experience the little swirls of water and tide agains my feet...the endurable pulls... when I am weak...and the tougher overbearing and relentless monster waves when I am feeling strong? It seems backwards. Anyway...I'm swirling today...round and round under water wondering which way is up and desperately fighting for air...and as usual...alone amongst a cloud of witnesses. Turned to cb to read some blogs to help get my mind focused as anxiety set in as a result of circumstances...and came across your blog. Bingo. Thank you Lord, thank YOU. Sometimes I just need reassurance that I am not alone and that I am not crazy for feeling such in a crisis or series of such. I feel I have begged and pleaded to little avail but I take from your blog to keep at it. Just as relentless as the waves that sweep over us is God's relentless love and care. Maybe instead of praying for the waves to cease ... where is my "peace be still"...I should be praying to learn how to surf. :butterfly:

Beth M @blest ·

[quote]We have His number on speed dial[/quote]
LOVE that! How true... but how many times have I forgotten that?
Great blog!
blessings, blest :butterfly:

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