I can't sleep tonight

Tonight I went to bed and cut off the light. I was all snug in the covers when memories of my sweetheart came flooding back into my mind. I jumped up and turned on the light. You see, my wife of 37 years and 4 months went to be with The Lord on October 7th this year. She was the love of my life. We were married when we were babies it seems. I am having a hard time coping without her by my side.

Today I realized that I would give everything, I mean everything, my savings, my 401k, my IRA and sale my property and give every dime just to have her back for one week! I loved that girl. But I also know that she would not come back to this world if you offered her a mansion in Beverly Hills, a billion dollar bank account, and perfect health. She is with Jesus now. She is beholding His glory. She is in the place we dream of being.

I am comforted by these thoughts as long as I keep my eyes open. My friends here at CB prayed for me and my family and I am very thankful for that. I needed K telling me to keep trusting in The Lord and I did. If only I was here B2Y could have walked me through the times I was completely falling apart. Bethy could have sung me a song and that would have given me great comfort.

Maybe I am blogging because I am stalling on going back to bed. Well, here goes!