I lost a friend today

Several years ago B2Y or Kirk came driving up to my home in Tennessee and stayed with my wife and I for a couple days. I'd known him from being on CB for a few years but really got to know him personally those 2 days. He was a GREAT man of God. We both enjoyed his visit so much.

He never ceased to amaze me how his blogs were always excellent. Never read a one that did not move me. He was so smart and I thought had the right answer to every question that came up. I called him my Pastor here at CB. In fact when I came up with the idea of having the Lords Supper here, he was The Man to call on to lead it. It took several tries to talk him into it because of his humbleness. And all that was here back then knows he nailed it.

I will miss my dear friend. He's in a better place now. No more pain and sickness. But my heart will still hurt every time I think of him or Beth.

Good by for now my dear friend. Say hi to my wife.



 Dwight Alight Davis
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Thank you, alight. Bless you

Sandy Brooks

I too called him my CB Pastor and will miss him more than words can express.


Well spoken Alight.

K Reynolds

And... I have a printed transcript of that service right in front of me.