I Saw God


On July 14, 2018 my wife and I set out on a new adventure. We flew to Montana and hiked a trail called The Beaten Path. In my humble opinion this is the most beautiful place in the U. S. With its high mountains, roaring streams, beautiful lakes and big sky, every twist and turn along the trail gave us another view of Gods handy work. 



The trail followed a steam that ran from lake to lake. There was still a lot of snow melt causing the rapids to be so strong. After a days hike it felt so good on our sore feet to put them in the icy cold water. So cold that I could only stand it for 20 seconds max! 



We lived out of our backpacks for 4 days and 3 nights. We got our water from the stream and treated it for drinking. Best water I’ve ever drank. 



Some of the lakes were full of trout and I caught a couple rainbows to have for dinner. The rest of our meals were freeze dried in a bag and all we had to do is build a fire and boil some water. Everything taste good on the banks of a lake. 



It was nice to be hiking with someone who loves God an appreciates His glory and creation. We always make a game out of who sees the first deer or bear etc. and this trip I lost. She was constantly spotting deer and also 2 grizzly bears. Thank You Lord they were on the other side of the stream. 


I promise you that 2 stars did not collide together and create this wonderful world. No way! Too complex. Too beautiful. To majestic. I see God.