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I sat out beside my pond this afternoon and was thinking about all of you at CB I became friends with K at the very beginning. K, you are the best. If only you knew the times I sneaked in to CB and read your blogs just to see what you were thinking about these days. Bethy, I came back every time you posted a blog. I miss singing with you. Beth, you have a heart of pure gold. Forgive me for bringing it up… I miss Kirk. I think about him coming by my home years ago and spending time with me and my wife. Dang! 


I'll not name all the rest of you from Australia to Europe to Africa to South America to North Carolina. I'm sorry for not staying in touch. I think about you all the time. I'll see you face to face some day, some glorious day. Together we shall stand before Him and praise the name of Jesus. If you hear the most beautiful songs in all Heavencome on over. It's Bethy and I leading the CB bunch in Amazing Grace. 


May our God and Savior Jesus Christ watch over you all and comfort you. As our lives change from day to day remember Jesus is always there. He wants us to call on Him, to trust in Him. No matter what happens to us (Beth) dark as it might be, He takes us by the hand and wraps His arms around us and loves us.


Thank you John. I'll see you soon. Tell Jesus and Dale I love you. 






K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Awww... Alight. What a day that will be, eh?

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

looking forward to it

Kristen L. Gray @mwifey ·


Beth M @blest ·

oh, alight. you bring Kirk up any time. He is my favorite subject. It does not hurt to talk about him. It hurts to not talk about him. What a wonderful blog...

(she said with tears streaming down her face… )

Mark Northeast @marek ·

I look forward to met you all.

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