The only verse in the bible that can't be true.

I know some of you are shocked that I would believe every word of the bible except one verse. I completely understand how you feel and I am truly sorry for letting you down. I am humbled to even talk about it and maybe I shouldn't have even brought up the subject. If this one verse is wrong then you may ask are there others?

I love Gods word and know for a fact that it has changed my life and millions of others who put their trust in it. God's word is alive! It speaks to you like no other book. It tells us history, true history and it tells us how to live and be happy. It tells us about Jesus (my heart just skipped a beat at the mention of His name). How can it be so perfect in every way yet have one mistake?

Does the one flaw cause me to not believe the rest? No, not at all. Look how many verses are in the bible! I think the Holy Spirit did an excellent job of putting the bible together. As I read the bible I can almost hear the Holy Spirit saying, "This is true, you can believe it with all your heart".

The verse I am talking about is found in the New Testament. Maybe with all the persecution going on the verse was a misprint. I don't know but in 1 Timothy 1:15 the bible slips up and says, "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. Paul, I am sorry but you are not the chief of sinners, that would be me.



I wondered where you were going with this blog. Knowing you I knew it would have a good punch at the end.
Maybe some of us would jockey for that pole position of chief sinner though. :doh:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

The "of whom I am chief" part? The rest is right, for sure:) But I really believe that is the attitude all of us should have, as Paul did, so even that part is correct then, too, huh?

Keep blogging. billy.

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Our awesome God tells us when we repent of our sin toward Him, He no longer sees our sin. It is forgiven and it is forgotten. Maybe, we have more trouble accepting this as truth than we should. When we are born-again IN Jesus Christ, our lives should no longer focus on sin, no longer on feeling guilty. It has become one of transformation - becoming more and more like Jesus Christ. Emphasis on our new life in Jesus and not on our old self. No more guilt IN Jesus. Our God of great wonders. Our God of grace!!

A clever way to present a message. I enjoyed reading your blog. God bless!



(1 John 3:9)[quote]"Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him: and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God." [/quote]

These earthen vessels we live in are not born of God . . . [b]YET!!![/b] We should strive to live holy sinless lives however, our flesh remaining imperfect and retaining a sin nature, we will stumble at times. Some of us more than others, however, we all stumble in this or in that now and then.

Am I justifying sin? Heaven forbid! Those who are forgiven much loves much. Knowing our only hope is in Jesus (24/7 - 365) increases our faith and draws us nearer to Him. He is all our righteousness. Should He spew us out of His mouth we would be as fifty rags and nothing we could ever do (of ourselves) would change that. Therefore, let us not be lukewarm as the Laodiceans are but as the Philadelphians . . . abiding in His word in all patience.

He is just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness as we confess our sins to Him.

Behold, I come quickly, saith the LORD!


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have to agree with Bethy.


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Well written - you had me going the whole way. Keep blogging. - bibleguy

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I just new you were up to something Alight!

But you are wrong because - that would be me!


Grey Warner @day2day ·

What verse is he possibly leading up to?? hehe...Great Blog - Memorable message! :butterfly:

Joanne Douglas @jdjames ·

Great lead in, great close, alight. Every time I read this verse now, I will think of it very differently! jd

Beth M @blest ·

KaBOOM! Got me! That was great!
EXCELLENT blog... brought tears to my eyes because anyone who is honest can say the same...
and yet, Jesus Christ died for me anyway. :cross:
Wow. Just unbelievable.

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