The Three Types Of People

I was watching a movie tonight that reminded me of something. It was a very good movie as far as entertainment goes but it had too much cussing in it for me to recommend it. Funny how you can get incite from strange places. It was kind of a Western set back in the frontier days. As I understand it Christianity was a little different in those days. I'm not saying that God has changed, only man and his ways.

The movie had (at that time) good Christian people, both men and women. It also had men and women who were sinful to say the least. Some of the people acted awful in one scene and kind in another. Some were Christian and kind and acted awful. Maybe things have not changed much over the years.

There are three kinds of people in this world. First there is the fool who says in his heart that there is no God. Maybe a college science professor who says that a couple of stars collided together and here we are, no God involved. We crawled up out of the swamp with complex eyes that see and all the parts of our ears fell in place and we can hear. Enought said.

Next, like I witnessed in the movie were people who knew there was a God but did nothave any fear of God. They would "May God bless you" in one minute and the next would shoot you out of the saddle. These type of people I see all the time. They may have a fish on their bumper but act like the devil when driving down the road. You may work together with those who profess Jesus in one breath and curse God with the next.

And thenyou have the third kind of people. They believe there is a God and fear Him. They believe that He is the God of love and also righteousness. They believe what He says is true both blessings and the other. They believe that the day will come that every knee will bow and every tounge will confess before Him. They believe.