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They finally bloomed! After planting, watering, Miracle Growed, weeding and running off squirrels and deer my sun flowers have finally bloomed! They are 6 or 7 feet tall with very strong stalks. I am very pleased. I have not grown sun flowers in years but this year I wanted to because a good friend of mine loved sun flowers. So in memory of the best ever blogger here at CB, I dedicate my sun flowers to Kirk.


I hope as he looks down on them he remembers me and how much I loved to read his blogs. How much he inspired me to grow as a Christian. How much he taught me to love Jesus and one another. I remember being upset from time to time and Kirk, in his special way would calm me down. He was one special guy! 


Miss you,




K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I cannot see sunflowers without remembering Kirk and I agree, he was one special guy and a very good friend! I feel very blessed to have had the pleasure of calling him my friend.

Sunflowers had a very special significance for him and not just because he was originally from The Sunflower State, LOL! They represented the love of God, redemption and His transforming power. He shared the story every year and I dug around in the CB archives and found one of his "sunflower blogs" here.



Beth M @blest ·

Oh, alight. Thank you.

Thank you




Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

This one stalk has 12 blooms on it! I've never seen such a thing. It just keeps blooming!

Beth M @blest ·

I have to come back periodically and look at this picture and this blog.


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