What a wonderful night here at CB

Years ago a bunch of us had Communion in the chat room. People from around the world was involved in it. Some got up in the middle of the night and it was already tomorrow for others. It was great. I got to read all the communion service transcripts last night. What a special night we had together. I can still remember how I was just praising the Lord during the whole thing and for a long time afterwards. I think it was Poo who said something about singing and dancing. Well, she wasn't the only one.

K's opening prayer... with every word I was saying amen as well as I'm sure many others were. What a great job she did to bring us into the presence of All Mighty God. I was ready to be raptured right then and there I promise you... . and then Bethy began to sing. I don't think I had ever heard Bethy singing more beautifully. With all of us singing along I don't know how she did such a great job. She never missed a beat! I wanted to do more singing that night but Mums would come out with a line and then Gracie and Cowgirl would join in and I just wanted to listen. I didn't know that Shani and Golden could even sing til that night. Mums and Blest's voices made it all sound like a heavenly choir.

We where a whooping and a hollering and a singing and a dancing and then B2Y's name came up on the side of chat room screen. There was silence in heaven for 30 minutes! He was our preacher and led the service from then on. He had total control of this wild bunch from that very moment. It was a miracle. As he spoke I listened to every word. He explained everything so clearly so simple. (I sure miss my friend.) No one, I mean no one could have pulled it off but him. It was indeed excellent.

He had Bethy to close the service with a song. Again, Bethy has the most beautiful voice. We all joined in! I even heard B2Y singing. I must admit that caught me a little off guard. I thought of him only as a great speaker, a preacher. No nonsense like the rest of us wild ones!

I'll never forget that time we all spent together in worship. Not sure it could ever be done again in such a perfect manner. Indeed a special time in my life and I'm sure many others. Again a special thank you to John and Christianblog.com for such a place we can share our lives with each other.