Like Breathing Under Water

Here goes... my first Blog. And not just here--anywhere. I have chosen to post this blog under Out of Church Christian for two reasons. 1: I haven't attended a church regularly in over 6 months, so I'd say I'm 'Out of Church'. And 2: I have no clue what it means to be an 'Out of Church' Christian. I'm learning as I go along. But that's for another entry altogether. I want to begin this first blog by addressing something that I think many people encountered on their way to becoming ChristianBlog members: The Christianity waiver, complete with space for initials. Many of us here, I think, had at least a moment's hesitation when reading the prerequisites (for lack of a better word) for Christianity. As a life-long believer, it has been a long and rough course traveled to where I stand today. Or better yet, where I swim today. I have discovered in these years of faith, or sometimes doubt disguised in the garb of religiosity, that I am swimming rather than walking in faith. What I mean is this: when I think about swimming, the first thing that comes to mind is the inability to breath under water. As a child, I truly believed that I was a mermaid who just hadn't spent enough time in the water to grow my fins. More than once, I actually tried singing under water like Aeriel, with the painful reminder that I was not Aeriel. Because I was unable, am unable, to breathe under water, something about swimming was always unsatisfactory. I learned to swim at a very young age, 5 years old, but in all the years since then, I have never taken a single effective breath under the water. I consider this to be very similar to the way that I conceive of my religious or spiritual life. I learned Christianity at a very young age, but it seems like there's something big that I'm missing out on, like I'm always holding my breath until I surface for that saving breath of oxygen, which may come in the form of a particularly insightful passage or a glimpse of unexpected beauty, but I'm holding my breath at all other times, and when the oxygen runs out, the dissatisfaction comes flooding in. It seems like there will come a time that being a Christian will finally be the satisfaction of breathing under water I've always dreamed it could be. I'm not there now, but I at least I know how to swim. -Kathryn

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Welcome to ChristianBlog! :welcome: You're opening/introductory blog gives great insight. (FYI, I'm not sure what an "out of church Christian is either)

I see from your bio that you are looking to expand you community of Christian contacts. We sure have them here, in all sizes, locales, flavors genders and frames of mind. You'llget to know many of us quickly as I hope we will get to know you.

I also see that you have many questions you want to explore. GOOD! this is a great place to do so... however I've lean toward discussion (respectfully) than what is often associated with debate.

I look forward to hearing both your questions and your thoughts.


Alive in The Word :reading:


Hi Kathryn88, Welcome to CB.
My first tough question on your analogy is : What do you do when you are under-water? Seriously, I would like to know as the Word says, His mercies are new every morning. How long is "under-water"?


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