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Wonderful people, come along as I embark on this poetic journey to my Maker. Your comments are most welcome after we arrive at final destination. Enjoy the ride!:welcome: ANGELIC REALM I pursued my journey, relieved but anxious Wanting to know what lay ahead But thoughts came rushing to me That this was one journey without an end. Echoes from the deep were deafening enough To put to flight a thousand chariots. At this point, I thought I had been journeying For several weeks to a destination unknown to me In the twinkling of an eye I saw a host of beings with wings Glittering in impeccable white. Two of these persons beckoned to me Immediately my momentum dropped As I saw myself sandwiched by the sparkling pair €˜Come along,' they said €˜We will take you to the throne of God. There you will know your fate in eternity.' Instantly I realised they were angels A sense of trepidation seized my being Where I will be, only God could tell. JOURNEY TO MY MAKER I remembered at once my oath on coronation To defend and uphold the Holy Scriptures On the book of Books I took this vow But have I done well or have I done badly? This question hassled my thoughts again and again. The flight with the angels was one with a difference The speed just indescribable The feeling amazingly celestial Echoes of music were heard from the distance The sounds from this music were unfamiliar I tried to flow with the rhythm But the rhythm was far too superior for my sensibilities. I flowed with the angels in cautious calm For once, the misery that dotted my journey Appeared to be fading away into oblivion I gathered courage and felt like a royal But the better I felt, the more the angels Looked at me in amazement. Did they know what I didn't know? Or must I assume it's all well and good? PURE LIGHT Our pathway was illuminated By an enchanting beam of light I could now see the angels so clearly Their wings radiating A beauty I had never seen before. As we journeyed on It was as if we were thrusting directly into the sun And yet I felt no heat at all And my eyes were not blurred. I was wishing for this journey Never to come to an end Since I was not sure of my own fate in God. As we paced on, I saw in the distance Clouds of silver and gold I had wanted to ask my escorts questions But I hesitated out of an overwhelming sense of awe That had gripped me. In a split second, my earthly glory My throne, my crown Seemed like a child's play. BLISSFUL ZOOM As we zoomed ahead We entered into a new realm of beauty unspeakable Thousands or perhaps millions of creatures like men With harps and flutes in glittering gold Sounds of music with different rhythms But blending together in perfect unison. At once I felt like a lost stranger Not deserving the bliss and air of glory Deep within I knew I was not qualified To behold this extraterrestrial splendour. Then I said a silent prayer within I prayed for fate to deal kindly with me So far, all I saw caused my eyes to open To the reality of all realities That this was no dream I was having But life indeed is more real in the beyond Than all we know on planet earth So, in truth, there is life beyond. Words would fail me indeed To say in full what I saw. HEAVEN'S GATE In a flash I seemed to have received A new sight for extra vision I could now see things even a million miles away. I saw what appeared to be gates of brass With guards like giants standing in front of them As we got closer, I could count about twelve gates What I thought to be brass was not brass at all. We forged ahead in the direction of the gates All I could now see was one narrow gate Adorned in pearls beyond description. As we approached the entrance The gate opened on its own volition Something then happened to me I fell flat on my face The strength I had for the journey gave way And all I now sensed was a wave of weakness My vision was blurred and I could not speak. I suddenly felt a hand lifting me up, and behold New strength, new sight, and what a beautiful scene that met my gaze. INSIDE HEAVEN Behold, as I looked I was in another world beyond the words of men The splendour, the grandeur The magnificence, the radiance The glory, the beauty Just too much for me to comprehend. As I looked down My feet were walking on extra premium gold I had never seen anything like this before Everywhere I walked was pure glittering gold. Then I heard as it were The voices of a great multitude Sounding like the rushing sound of many waters And there was mighty thundering, and these words I heard so clearly €˜All power, all glory, all honour Belong to the Lord our God.' All around me were glittering beams of pure light As if from the radiance of a billion gems fused together At this point, I had no spirit left in me any more. MANSIONS IN HEAVEN I gathered a little courage, holding my gaze as far as I could The sight of edifices out of the ordinary met my gape Then I thought for a second The grandest of architects on miserable earth Were light years away from heaven's technology. Each of these paradisiacal palaces Were unique in their appearance So that not one of them looked like the other Yet I believe they numbered in their millions. I fixed my curious eyes on one of them This one looked like crystals of glass Expertly manicured into a magnificent mansion. I looked yet on another Behold, it looked like precious stones of diamond Were its foundations and walls. Each of the mansions radiated a certain kind of glory Each was different in brilliance and splendour Then I thought, all the gold and skills of my little isle Would not be enough to build one of these.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Thank you Brother kingsleyamoah for the beautiful , inspiring and unlifting poem[img][/img]. It surely describes what I believe Heaven is like. I look forward to your future sharing of your poems too.[img][/img]

Blessings always:flower:

From Hwa Silverpen


I enjoyed the beautiful imagery of your blog eternity and how you wove biblical truths within it. -Kathryn

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