Supersonic My flight continued I had no desire at all for the throne The crown had seemed to me a thing of the distant past. I was relishing this adventure with mixed feelings €˜Where am I heading towards?' I wondered The pressures of the crown The glamour of the throne The fame, the honour The pomp, the pageantry None of these even crossed my mind. I was zooming my way forwards With supersonic delight The farther I went The more territory there was to traverse Echoes on the horizon Became more appealing and inviting. I became conscious Of the vast expanse of territory I had covered Perhaps light years away. The Struggle No sooner did I start enjoying my trip Than things began to take a dramatic turn My flight was punctuated by a struggle The voices I heard on the horizon Were voices of men in black and white. As I surged forwards I beheld these men obstructing my path As I got closer to them It became clear that my journey had come to a halt. €˜You belong to us,' one whispered And another, but this time louder This sent a wave of fear to my whole being. Suddenly, I lost the speed And came to an abrupt halt I found myself right in front of an anxious pack I struggled to find the appropriate words And helpless I stood, speechless. Out of the yonder blue a man emerged Clad in a flowing gown of sparkling white And he cleared my path away to proceed. Copyright 2010 Kingsley Y. Amoah

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Good poem.[img][/img] Thanks for sharing again.[img][/img]

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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