Don't 'Plan' to Trust, Live It!

It was while in conversation with a friend that the subject of trust came up. She made a comment to the effect that she was going to trust God [in the circumstances]. Such a statement in and of itself is good but it got me thinking. I am left wondering whether we truly trust or whether it is a 'head knowledge' that we pop out as the occasion requires.

I've been married for twenty five years now and between us my husband and I have clocked up an impressive number of “I'm going to trust God[s]” . I'm realizing that the word 'trust' should, in my life, be a verb – not 'I will trust' but 'I AM trusting'. Seen in this manner my confidence is stirred, my faith stretches just that little bit further.

Planning to trust is rather like making a New Year's resolution or planning to diet. The idea is good but some times the words lack conviction! How easy is it to be swayed by the influences of the world when we decide that we will trust God, only to find that the circumstances in which we find ourselves appear even worse than they did at the outset.

I am absolutely convinced that the key to trusting God in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, is to take our eyes off of the situation and go eyeball to eyeball with God. I say this not as a lofty ideal but as a genuine, guaranteed to work solution to the issues in our lives. I say it because I know from experience that it is true.

It is now five and a half years since I was diagnosed with a posterior fossa meningioma i.e. brain tumour. The actual diagnosis wasn't a surprise; the headaches gave me a clue! By the time I arrived home from having a CAT scan there was a phone message to call my doctor. Right then God reminded me of the circumstances in which another woman faced the possibility of losing her child to meningitis. She turned to those who were there to 'support' her and said “I refuse to Fear” . At that moment I made that same decision, I remember where I was standing when I declared it, and that brief moment in time has changed my life completely.

Refusing to Fear is not about 'knowing' that God is going to do a miracle of healing, or provide money in the letterbox when you have no money to pay a bill. Refusing to Fear is knowing with an absolute conviction, that God is walking the path with you, and in trusting Him completely there comes a peace which cannot be experienced any other way. Trusting God with every fibre of our being isn't difficult so don't waste any more time going to and fro between trust and fear. What ever your issues, hand them to God and let Him deal with him. Keep your eyes on Him and let Him direct your path.

Don't PLAN to trust, just LIVE IT!

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I fear God. Not all the other things we might list. Our trust in Him is shown in our faith, and our obedience to Him.

We do tend to doubt, and question much. We know who authors that.

So good to read your blogs. God bless and be near to you.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[i]*K :princess: adds the words "DON'T PLAN TO TRUST, LIVE IT!" underneath the words "Live trust!" which are on a yellow-lined sticky note which is tacked to the top of her computer monitor so that every time she raises her eyes, it is staring her right in the face.[/i]

You gave your friend some very good advice the other day. :wink:

I really, love this blog for it hits very close to home, not only for myself but probably a lot of other people as well. We talk about faith but it is something we are reaching for, straining for, hoping for. Like your friend, we are actually putting it into the future tense when we say, "I will". Instead, as you so beautifully pointed out, we need to put it into the present tense as well as the future tense.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

[quote]Refusing to Fear is not about 'knowing' that God is going to do a miracle of healing, or provide money in the letterbox when you have no money to pay a bill. Refusing to Fear is knowing with an absolute conviction, that God is walking the path with you, and in trusting Him completely there comes a peace which cannot be experienced any other way. [/quote]

This is faith in action - this is theology that is alive and relevant, this is doctrine that is based on the word and experience.


Raul Vargas @raulvargas ·

Thank you for welcoming me last night to the CB Alison Stewart, it's funny because I wrote this like 40 mins before I received your comment on my blog :The Lord is very accurate of his pickings, for if you got touched it was not by accident but by his faith, faith in you, for he also lives of faith. He did not accidentally tap you while reaching out for somebody else.
My faith tells me there is a god and he loves me, I believe my god when he looks at me from the heavens says I believe in you Raul and I know you love me too. We gotta work faith in faith, I have faith he will take care of me from up above, and he also has faith I will take care of him down below. We work as a team hand in hand not allowing anything to come in between our hands connected threw faith. For when I praise to the sky my creator jolts with tender loving care. And when my father touches my heart I also jolt with tender loving care. It's a relationship based on love,trust, and reading the message correctly. For when he speaks to me my heart blooms inside like a flower, my mind is calm and collected. For I feel at one.
Fell asleep a dream of a a door opening to me and me yelling awoke me up, then 2 minutes later I get an email a new comment was posted on my page and it was you saw your blog and the whole situation touched my heart gifting me calmness that I am on the right road. Thank you for your prayer I believe it was heard. Keep up the good work as threw people god is able to speak to us. God bless

Sandra Zack @coffeeintheword ·

Your words really settled in my heart today! Thank you!


Hans Warnke @theregifter ·

you have visited my blog a couple of times and I thank you. I am so glad that I could make you smile on the first one. If I never write an other that in and by itself makes it all worth while. I was searching for one of you blogs and found this one. It is a bit late but it comes from the heart.
I have to agree with you. There is a big difference between head knowledge and and real life experience. One is fleeting while the other is rooted.
Hang in there my friend!


Nicole Karkowski @niki20 ·

I needed to read this today! I needed too it five years ago! You are right. " absolute conviction that God is walking the path with you."

I have been trying to understand "trust" for a long time and even put it into words. And you did! Be blessed!
Niki :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Niki, the simplest way I can suggest that you do things is this. Keep your eyes absolutely focussed on God - directly in front of you - and don't allow any thoughts to take your focus away from God. It is in that relationship of trust that you will find the peace and the healing that you so need. Keep trusting by keeping your eye on God and let Him do all the rest.


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