Global Prayer Meeting-Same Venue,Different Day

Since the introduction of our Global Prayer Meeting last year there have been a few time changes because of clocks going back/forward in different countries. The last change was made to enable the UK to be part of the same group instead of having to be up at about 2am! A couple of weeks ago I was in chat when I suddenly realised there were about five or six countries represented. The new time for the global prayer meeting is a result of that chat. (See, it just shows that it pays to go into chat so you can keep up with the news)! New Zealand--9:00 a.m. Monday Australia--7:00 a.m. Monday Singapore/Philippines/Malaysia--5:00 a.m. Monday UK--10:00 p.m. Sunday US/Canada Atlantic Time Zone--6:00 p.m. Sunday Eastern Time Zone--5:00 p.m. Sunday Central Time Zone--4:00 p.m. Sunday Mountain Time Zone--3:00 p.m. Sunday Pacific Time Zone--2:00 p.m. Sunday In the past, the weekly prayer meeting has been a real blessing with its times of praise and prayer. It would be wonderful if we could grow the GPM as we reach out to God for one another and i encourage you to be a part of these times of blessing. I can promise that no one bites and everyone is welcome to join us on our journey. The Prayer Room can be found via the Chat Room but if you are feeling timid about 'knocking on the prayer room door' please don't be. We love to fellowship with one another and the more the merrier! Please note that the Prayer Room is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of us have been really blessed by the opportunity we have through the provision of a prayer room so let us make the most of the opportunity that we have been given. May you continue to be a blessing as you seek blessing for others in and through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. :pray: Kiwibird

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[i]*K :princess: checks her alarm to see if it is working...[/i]

Yep! My alarm is set and working, Kbird. I will see you there!


K :princess:


Okeedokee- plenty to pray for, this much is certain! God Bless you richly Sister Alison! Dave


I will have to pray incognito as i am usually asleep or on the road at that time.

My prayers are always with you all anyway, so no biggie.

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