I Can't Outgive God

We Can't Outgive God!

I am almost hesitant in sharing what I am about to say lest anyone should misinterpret my desire as self-serving. Any such thing could not be further from the truth and it is only my desire to share God's faithfulness in my own life that leads me to write of the experience of the last few days.

This is part of a comment I wrote on The Wall two days ago.

It was interesting this morning to discover my reaction as I collected fresh and frozen home grown veg to give to the elderly father of a very dear friend. I started getting concerned that Irish and I might not have enough I didn't give in to the thoughts and hold back, but it REALLY annoyed me that it was a battle that was going on in my mind.

I can only think that my desire to always give of the best of what I have has come from God and it is something which I tried to instil in the hearts and minds of my children. The results have only been partially successful but I have learned that the actions of my adult children are between them and God. My part is done.

To say that Irish and I are on a low income is no exaggeration but where we are without we are finding an abundance of God's provision in other areas. The garden which has been a work in progress for the three and a half years we have been here is beginning to provide for our needs and the dwindling larder provisions have been more than 'propped up' by what is available from the garden. The benefits have been twofold. (1) I have (for the most part) been able to maintain my food budget at the same level for several years and (2) Fruit and vegetables directly from the garden have given us enjoyment and health benefits beyond our expectations.

My clothing supply (which is minute) has never bothered me but the need for a pair of shoes (trainers/sneakers for my fibromyalgia feet) so that I can continue my six kilometer walk every day has become urgent. I don't have anything else to wear. The difficulty has arisen not just because I don't have the money for them, but also because there are no shoe shops within about two hours of here. The travel would be another expense. It was the urgency of the situation that led us to the local benefits office yesterday – not for a handout but for a help up.

The lady we met with was very helpful and friendly. We could not have asked for a better response than we got. It was in the latter part of the interview that things took an unexpected turn and I have been left in wonderment at the care God shows for his people. A question came out of nowhere. “How is the food stock in your pantry?” “Empty” , I replied. “Well, how about I give you $100 so that you can stock up on your food?” So, with the means of buying me some urgently needed shoes (money to be paid back in minute amounts) and funding for food, we got up to leave. What surprised me next was that the lady who so graciously helped us then got up from her desk, came around to where I was standing and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Bless you” , she said. I am “blessed” .

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is absolutely beautiful!



John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Now that is a wonderful story of Gods care for his children!



Testimonies of God's faithfulness and provision have practically faded into non-existence as of late. I suspect this is because there are so many lurking in the background ready to attack anyone who would dare speak of God's goodness being revealed in their lives. I appreciate this testimony sister. You are lifting up God through all this and giving Him the glory. We can and we should learn by your example. For God has not given us a spirit of fear. We need to be standing up and telling everyone of His goodness toward us. God certainly does love His children and God will indeed meet all our needs. Let's continue loving our neighbors and giving God the glory. Blessings ~Hoyle

Christine Mvundla @christinerose ·

He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above our thoughts and desires. In the afternoon l felt so itchy in my back and l couldn't ask anyone because it was only me and my 2 year old who can hardly speak. So l ignored the itchiness. The next thing she came and unzipped me and scratched my back. I was so amazed l told my mum and she said it's telepathy. I said God l know you are in my child and thank you for confirming your presence... ..

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