I Refuse To Fear!

As we settle into another Spring of living in the Far North of New Zealand (yes, it is called ‘Far North’) Irish and I often reflect on the changes that God has made to our lives. The strangest thing for me is that I have very little recollection of life prior to moving here. Please don’t misunderstand me, it isn’t because we had an ‘easy’ life where we were. Sickness and financial problems reared their ugly heads with increasing regularity as the cost of living escalated beyond imagination, and my ‘lung problems’ were overtaken by the need for surgery because of a brain tumour the size of a small orange. I am convinced more than ever that the peace I have now is a direct result of the change in thinking that I had when the brain tumour diagnosis was made. You see, I remembered hearing of a woman who, when faced with the very real possibility of her daughter’s death from meningitis, turned to her ‘doubters’, glared at them and said “I Refuse To Fear”. I was reminded of those words when I arrived home about an hour after having had a CAT scan. There was a message waiting from the doctor’s surgery – “Please phone”. Obviously, I already knew something was wrong because of the headaches but the fact that the results “You’ll get the results in a few days” turned out to be immediate, gave me a really good clue :wink: It was at that moment those words came back to me ... “I Refuse To Fear”. I took up the Shield of Faith right then and there, and have refused to put it down. People can doubt the words I say but they cannot deny the truth of the experience I have had. Surgery was delayed for three weeks so that I could be weaned off the very large cocktail of pain medications etc that I was on. The one tablet I was put on by the neurosurgeon replaced thirty others that didn’t work very well! The surgery went very well (no haemorrhages) and six hours later I was moved from ICU back to the general ward because there was a bed shortage in ICU! Twenty-four hours after I was wheeled in for the anaesthetic, I was sitting up in bed having breakfast. Since that time four years ago I have carried that Shield of Faith with me. I use it to declare my faith in the one who gives me direction. Holding on to my Shield of Faith reminds me that I do not have to take responsibility for decisions because I have allowed God to take me on the best path. Holding on to my Shield of Faith reminds me that no matter what my circumstances, GOD IS and HE is the one who will give me absolute peace. As my friends and family can attest to, my ‘brain thing’ has brought me into a new and exciting world. My gospel now comes down to two words. “GOD IS” and as long as I proclaim that absolute truth, nothing that this world throws at me can stand.

Grey Warner @day2day ·

As someone who struggles with phobias and ocd...I am amazed by your blog...thank you for the encouragement! I can relate to " People can doubt the words I say but they cannot deny the truth of the experience I have had. " No one knows your whole story...but you. I am so thankful that you recovered from your surgery...I am not sure of the extent of your "brain thing" :wink: but I trust you are alright. I will have to focus on the montra "I refuse to fear"...I'm sure satan will laugh and say "yeah right...good luck with that"..haha..but it starts with baby steps...Kprincess has given me some good verses and I will add your statement to them!

Grey Warner @day2day ·

LOVE THAT! Next time I feel like I'm stuck and my feet wont move I will picture you two dragging me forward...Thanx It means a lot!!!! I also think "Choose to Refuse" should be on a tshirt or something. :thumbs_up: hehe. I hope you have a GREAT week...Thanks again for caring. :butterfly:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You and I first met around that time. I remember the peace that you were feeling. I am soooo very thankful, TT that God allowed our paths to cross and that we do life together as we do life with God!

The past couple of years have been challenging for me. You know that well. You have lifted up my arms numerous times and reminded me that God is! You remind me that it is not what man says, it is what God says. You remind me that God will not say to me, "Okay, I've brought you this far, I'm leaving now, you're on your own!" You remind me that even though I may walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death... it is only shadows and who is afraid of a shadow?

Finally, thank you for your love and compassion. When you are strong, you do not despise those who are not at the moment. You love and encourage them. You come up along side them and walk with them. Thank you, TT!


K :princess:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, continue to walk in faith as you have. Let all fear and all kinds of fear banish!!! He will surely protect you and will uphold you in all matters for He has a reason for all that happen to us and He alone will walk the journey with you to the end.

Thanks for sharing,sister Kiwibird

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I am so glad that your faith has grown stronger in the adversity you endured. There is no greater witness than a tried faith that has gone through the fire.

Thank you for sharing with me. God is. God Bless you even more.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

what a great way to start a monday morning and a week off. thanks for the encouragement. be blessed

Beth M @blest ·

:cry: Wow... Kbird, just wow... made me cry but ... good cry!... I'm so blest to know you.

Just so blest.

You're a gem!


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Thank you my friend. God has blessed us with an opportunity to journey alongside one another. Your friendship and your prayers are gratefully received. Our God is an awesome God.


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