It's A God Thing!

The longer we live in our little plastic box (aka our Lego house) the more Irish and I are convinced that there is no where we would rather be. Anyone going to Cape Reinga passes our door on their circuitous route of all the tourist spots and with the exception of shopping day, that is about as much as I usually see of the outside world.

The necessity for an eye check up at a hospital two and a half hours away took us on one of our rare visits to the outside world yesterday. At those times we plan to 'fit in' as much as possible but, between the long journey and the fact that a picnic lunch is essential, our optimism is often overpowered by time constraints.

Although I have adapted to a much quieter, simpler life (financial constraints can do that to you!) I hadn't realized how much I had changed. A couple of days ago I was given a voucher for $25 for a chemist shop. At the end of the day we wandered around a large (by New Zealand standards!) chemist shop and I looked to see what I could spend my money on. Oh, I found something I could get for Irish and I found something I could get for my daughter, but there was absolutely nothing I wanted or needed. I left the shop with my gift card intact.

This morning Irish and I were planning our weekly trip into town. The conversation turned to the simple fact that in spite of the reduction in buying power as prices have soared, we still have all we need. The pantry is almost empty (even after a shopping trip) and yet we do not go hungry. In fact, the last three years we have spent in getting fruit trees established and a vegetable garden dug are proving to be more of a blessing that we could ever have imagined. God has blessed us abundantly through - and in - all of our circumstances.

I am enjoying seeing the change in Irish as his depth of trust in God is growing on a daily basis. He spends a considerable amount of time doing the financial planning. The trust is growing because each month he sees that God has squeezed more out of our income than there was to start off with. He has stared at his precisely kept account book and finally admitted that God is the one who is really doing our financial planning because he (Irish) cannot see a way for things to work. So, there we were this morning, discussing what we needed to do and how we were managing 'in spite' of our circumstances. Irish looked at me and his eyes lit up. “It's a God thing” , he said. And he was right.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Dave and I have been learning that as well, TT. It is indeed a God thing! I needed this reminder today as I stared at the estimate for dental work I am supposed to have done the end of March. When I got the estimate this morning, the person who handed it to me must have noticed my face :eek: because she sighed and said, "I know. I know..."

After my initial shock wore off as I headed home, I was reminded of all the lessons God has taught me about trusting Him. Like you and Irish, the books do not match the account at the end of the month. Someone has been tampering with them just like they have tampered with yours. Though we cannot explain how He does it, God continues to close the gap each and every month.


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

:clap: :dance: A Kbird blog!

So good to see a Kbird blog! Another goodie, as they always are! How true ~ how true! I just wish you were a teeny bit closer, so I could visit your little piece of heaven!

blessings, blest

Christine Mvundla @christinerose ·

Trusting in the Lord and not leaning on out own understanding is and art of letting go and let God. Sometimes we trust God but we let our "intellectual" minds lead us astray. The word of God says we must acknowledge Him in everything and He will direct our paths. I am still mastering. Its not about us but all about God... Yes His word says He is a wall of fire around us and His glory is in our midst. We must let His glory be seen. Thank You.

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