Natter/Chat/Talk/Visit - Call it what you will!

Natter/Talk/Chat/Visit Call it what you will! Nattering, talking, chatting, visiting. What ever you call it in your neck of the woods, it is part of the genetic makeup of women and there is nothing we can do about it. Please note, I did not say gossip! We know what God thinks about gossip so I don t even want to go there. I will admit though, that at times I have been guilty of coming out with the odd bit of juic oops! Nearly went there! The females of our species have been communicating with one another since Eve first had a friend. It is interesting to me that as a former early childhood teacher I was able to observe the way children play and I got paid for it. The little girls banded together in their creative work conjuring up all sorts of scenarios. The boys, however, sat next to one another totally immersed in the kind play that they had each individually created. More of a and ne er the twain shall meet kind of play! It is only as we get older that we discover that there is some virtue in conversing with the opposite of our species (I can t say the other word here). With this in mind I have to say that I am really surprised at how little the Chat Room appears to be in use these days. I have heard many Oh, nobody seems to be around these days over the past few months but in truth unless we go into chat and wait for someone to realise we are there, we may continue to say the same thing until the rapture comes! I personally suspect that a number of people have played with the show offline button and forgotten to switch it back so no-one can see them. I could be wrong of course but in any event, waiting around in the chat room creates a definite possibility that others may gravitate towards you. Then of course, there is the Prayer Room. While you wait for someone to come in to chat, pop into the Prayer Room and talk with God. I personally testify to the fact that the Prayer Room is a wonderful place to be. Over the time I have been at there have been many answers to prayer; many times when one small comment drops us to our knees in intercession. There is power in prayer and we have such a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with God and with one another as we pray together. Individual or corporate prayer, it makes no difference, the Chat Room and the Prayer Room are places of fellowship and ministry. We can laugh together, cry together, pray together, learn together. Through using the Chat Room and Prayer Room we have been given an amazing opportunity for fellowship. Let s utilize this wonderful gift and show just how much we value the opportunity we have been given.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with you 100%, TT! See ya in chat and also at the prayer meeting on Sunday... well... Monday for you!


K :princess:

John Vorhees @john1515 ·

Hi Kiwibird - Love your blog. Reminds me of a Christian comedianne in part. She said "I never repeat gossip. . .so listen carefully the first time!."

On the more serious side, I look up at the "chatroom (0)" header and I have wondered why no one seems to go there. I stopped trying when it seemed I got "wrong password" all the time, so I've quit trying (not wanting to make waves, I said.) In reality, I wanted to see who was there and what they were discussing.

I tried again several times to attend the Global Prayer scheduled for Moday afternoon here and the time is told to us in your Featured Blog that for some reason I can't get to. (So I often pray during this time for all the members at CB that come to mind and global situations.)

So anyway, it's Saturday morning and I need to get ready for Men's Breakfast. God bless, and keep up your good works. John1515


Nattering???? My brain cells are now dancing a jig absorbing a new word learned! In all candidness-thank you for this lighthearted blog and God Bless you richly Sister K-bird! Dave

Grey Warner @day2day ·

I had trouble getting into the chatroom but received great assistance to my "HELP" has been a blessing and a lot of fun too! I highly recommend it! :butterfly:

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