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Reading a blog by @christineingram has brought to mind a memory in regard to my youngest daughter’s graduation from university studies. The particular moment I have in mind does not have anything to do with the ‘grandeur’ of the procession or the walk across the stage. I have photographic evidence of my ‘baby’s beaming smile as clutching her hard fought for degree, she took time to share the experience with us. It isn’t that moment I am referring to. The moment that comes to mind is the day before, when we lined up with her for a family portrait with Hannah in her cap and gown. As we watched and waited for our turn I was overcome with joy and thankfulness to God for the opportunity to share in a day that I came very close to missing. Just six month before the graduation ceremony I came face to face with the reality of the frailty of life. The diagnosis of a brain tumour wasn’t surprising given the pain I was experiencing. My decision to focus solely on God without fear for my future was, on reflection, one of the most intelligent things I have done in my fifty-nine and a half years on this planet. None of us knows the precise time we will be on this earch and we need to make the most of opportunities we have with our children. Hannah’s courage came to the fore as, at the precise time of my surgery, she was having one of her individual assessments. I know that it is her relationship with God and the measure of faith that we have shared with her, that helped her to stand strong. So, as we stood together waiting for ‘our moment in the sun’ I was overcome by the depth of the blessing that God had given me in my family and my life. Each day is truly a treasure to be unwrapped and given thanks for because no matter what it brings, with our eyes fixed on God, we cannot fail.

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Over the past few years, I have had those "moments" as well. The moments I am savoring when suddenly the thought comes to me that I so very nearly missed experiencing them. If God would not have intervened... I would have. I am so thankful that He did and that He has allowed me to have more moments in the sun with family and friends.


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Very moving story. I hope all goes well with your recovery. - bibleguy64

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