Ron Thacker: Rest in Peace my Friend

The emotional phone call I got from my daughter this morning was unexpected but a reminder of caring, friendship and the love of God.

Ron, aged 77, went home to be with the Lord this week. He touched the lives of my family members in a most unexpected way. Having moved to the far north of New Zealand some three years ago it was always extremely doubtful that we would ever meet again but the things that Ron sowed in our lives will remain with us for ever.

Ron was a high school maths teacher and first aid provider. My daughter had the privilege of being part of his maths class for five years. It probably wasn't originally intended that she be with him for that long but when she got sick he became her guardian ad litem. When I say sick, I mean she got a virus which caused her brain to swell and both her long and short term memory to disappear. When she reappeared at school, her day consisted of being taken by friends (they all had her timetable) to her next class where she slept until it was time to leave and she would be woken up and the process would begin again. During all those months Ron stood guard over her with the express purpose of fending off trouble from students or teachers who were ‘not in the know'.

Ron also provided a wonderful service as the school St. John Ambulance representative and this same daughter needed his services in this capacity as well. Having super glued her fingers to her ruler, it was Ron who patiently applied the formula to detach Jo from plastic!

One of the things we discovered about Ron in the early stages of our relationship with him, was his faith. A deeply devoted Roman Catholic, the love of God oozed from his very pores. As Pentecostals we were at the other end of the spectrum but there was no uneasiness – we shared a relationship in Christ.

Every now and then in our Christian walk we have the privilege of meeting up with people who sow into our lives in the most unexpected and profound way. It was just this way with Ron.

Rest in Peace

Ron Thacker

Teacher, Friend and man after God's own heart.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

What a beautiful tribute to a godly man!


K :princess:


I was smiling as I read this tribute. He must have been one in a million.

I am sorry that you have lost a good friend.

But superglue and plastic

Thank God for Godly men.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

It's a joy to remember people in our lives who are special and who do us good. They indeed deserve the memory of others for them even they are no longer here but they have gone on to a better place of eternity rest and peace. They have made the world a better place for many around them.

Thanks for sharing about the life of Ron Thacker, Sister Kiwibird

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


In this day, I would like to say that this is something that God loves. It is good that you two were able to connect through the word of God. I am pleased to know that you had such a good friend. I would like to say that your friend gave his life to others and for that he is a blessing to those he loves. I am glad your friendship was a fruitful one for many years. I hope you can encounter friendships like this one in the future ahead. I send you and your family a blessing for you are someone who God loves. Jesus Christ is the way to eternal salvation and it is because of Him, he now lives with God in the kingdom of heaven. I am happy to tell you that God has reserved a place for you in His kingdom as well. In His kingdom you will be showered with His grace for He is someone that loves those who give their lives to those who love God. Under the light of God, I bless you and your daughter and forever you will be with your Father in heaven.

Give your life to God for He is your eternal light.

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