Stepping Out In Faith

23 April 2010 “I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.” Philippians 4:12 This scripture was given to my husband and I three years ago along with a prophetic utterance. How do I know it was prophetic? Simple. In the past three years I have seen on a daily basis, the hand of God as he has blessed us beyond any measure we could ever have imagined. This particular part of our life’s journey began in March 2010 when unbeknown to the other one, Irish and I began looking at possibilities. For different reasons we found ourselves looking at the need for change. For me, the possibility of moving to another part of New Zealand as we no longer had any ties where we were living, and for Irish - with the responsibility for finances – the need to re-assess and adjust our financial circumstances. Somewhat lacking imagination at the time, I checked out housing in the far south of New Zealand and then in the far north. With the opportunity of staying at our daughter’s in-laws in the north, we headed up to look at houses accompanied by our youngest daughter who was home temporarily because of health issues. A couple of days of house ‘hunting’ and we were heading back home to the Bay of Plenty with a strong feeling that we would be back. It was just before we left that our daughter asked me “How long do you think it will be before you come back to live?” Without hesitation I answered “About a month”. Ridiculous, right? As it happened, the answer I had given was much closer to the truth than any of us could have imagined. I arrived home and started packing immediately. It wasn’t time to put the house on the market but we wanted some sort of ball park figure to work with so we had the real estate agents trooping through. If what we heard was their sales technique, there was very little chance of selling our property short of almost giving it away. In addition, because of the housing market at the time, the likelihood of selling ‘anytime soon’ was extremely remote. With their total lack of enthusiasm and really negative language, using real estate agents was not the way to go! Living in a fairly remote location my foray into the property market began with a flyer I pinned on the notice board at the petrol station down on the main highway (It was the only business within 20 minutes travelling time). There were some ‘expressions of interest’ but a week later it occurred to me that I could put a ‘For Sale’ board down the end of the driveway. I mean, people did drive past, occasionally! I got together with a set of vivid markers and one of the v-frame houses my husband had cobbled together for the chickens. By the end of the day we had a sign at the end of the drive. It was about 8.30am a few mornings later when we had a phone call from a woman asking if she and her husband could come immediately and look at the property. We delayed them for an hour and then they arrived full of enthusiasm which culminated in an offer to buy at the asking price – a fair price some $40,000 more than the real estate agent told us we would probably get! Getting a cash buyer was a bonus and we made an offer on a cottage we had seen up north. With a cash buyer, and our offer accepted up north, all systems were go until ... three other potential buyers for the property up north suddenly popped out of the woodwork and we then had three working days to make settlement. With our sale having gone unconditional we faced the very real possibility of being homeless. It was one of those times when trusting God seems really scary but with a bit of a ‘gee-up’ the money came through on our property and we were able to sign the papers for the house up north – within the three days! It was at that point that we realised just how valuable my efforts at packing the house up had been. With a moving date about a week later, there was no way in which we could have been packed and moved without the work I had done. Again God had been preparing us in the midst of all the ‘unknowns’. Of itself, the trip north was not without hiccups but after being awake for some thirty-six hours we arrived at our new home We arrived some five weeks after the original thoughts about moving! It wasn’t until the next morning however, that we realised just what God had blessed us with. After years of pain and heartache and many health issues we are living in the oasis that God has given to us. Every day we thank God for our little ‘lego’ house, for peace, for joy, and for the friendships we have found here.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog, my mind went back to that time for I had sort of a front-row seat watching this play out even if I am on the other side of the world! :wink:

I remember you telling how you were going to move in a month. I remember praying that your house would be sold at the price you needed. I remember rejoicing with you that against all odds, your house had sold quickly for the price you wanted and though you did not have a house to move into, that didn't bother you in the least. Your faith helped to boost mine and I found myself waiting in anticipation to see what God was going to do next and what He did next... oh my! :dance:

It is my greatest hope someday that I will get to personally visit the little refuge that God provided for you and Ian and uh... sample some of the bounty from your beautiful garden.


K :princess:

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

[quote]After years of pain and heartache and many health issues we are living in the oasis that God has given to us. Every day we thank God for our little ‘lego’ house, for peace, for joy, and for the friendships we have found here.[/quote]
This truly is an amazing story! I loved reading every word. Thank you so much for sharing.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful story of Gods care and love.


Beth M @blest ·

:dance: A Kbird blog!
And an excellent one of course! :clap:
[quote]with a bit of a ‘gee-up’ [/quote] Yeah, no clue here ... :wink:

Loved it! blessings, blest


i was just thinking about your house the other day and especially the issue of walking across another's field ( or something like that,,, I think. )

And I agree with watchmanjohn.. a wonderful story of God's love and care.

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