Trust Me. What? Completely?

Trust is something that I know I am not alone in having issues with. From early childhood onward trust is beaten out of us in many and varied ways. As each incident occurs another file gets popped into the filing cabinet we call a brain. The cabinet isn t locked so all the files are accessible and I admit to getting individual files out, dusting them off (some of them have been there a long time) and opening them up. I convince myself that they won t trouble/annoy me any more so I grasp firmly on the file cover, open it, and begin to read. The more I read, the more my mind is disturbed. The more the horrible traits that I have been trying to get rid of rise up within me until the peace that was wrapped around my body disappears under the tentacles of hate and self loathing. The problem is mine. I have caused the dis-ease I am now living with. If only I have not read that file. If only I had got rid of it early on. If only Hey! Wait a minute! Let me think this through. Why am I keeping a filing cabinet full of junk, anyway? Why do I persist in hanging on to all of the things that by their very nature cause a chasm to form, dug by me, between myself and God? I am reminded that the state I create for myself is like living in a spiritual earthquake zone. The liquefaction of hate, bitterness, of negative thought, bubble up through the crust of peace and spread themselves over my mind. Liquefaction is nasty. It seeps in through the weaker barriers and spreads over the landscape where it starts to harden in just the same way as our hearts start to harden when we are loath to get rid of the iniquities of others. Moving it from one place to another doesn t work either. Any movement and the hideous substance reverts to it s former state with opportunity to spread even further over our minds until peace becomes something we dreamed about. Why do I speak so much of Peace when it is Trust that I wanted to write about? It is simple, really. Trust and peace are irrevocably entwined and therefore, we can t have one without the other. The funny thing is, however, they are formed by a partnership between God and us as individuals a contract, if you will. In return for giving God the filing cabinet and ALL of it s contents by absolutely trusting Him, He will pour upon us the kind of peace that transcends anything we have ever imagined it to be. That is the peace I discovered when I determined to focus totally on God just prior to the diagnosis of a brain tumour. To this day I cannot truly explain what happened but I do know that it was more than brain surgery that I received. By developing a tunnel vision I cut out everything that could distract me from my absolute conviction that I had to trust God. I had absolutely no clue whether I would survive surgery but it wasn t even an issue. I trusted, and God gave me absolute peace! Life is far less complicated now and, as I do with many things, I have reduced the equation it has taken me several paragraphs to explain, to it s simplest form. Trust in God = Peace from God Therefore TRUST = PEACE Why complicate things when they don t have to be?


I like this Sister K-Bird-Trust=Peace. Yes the 2 certainly go hand in hand! Thank you for sharing this heartfelt message and God Bless you richly! Dave

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


[quote]Trust in God = Peace from God
Therefore TRUST = PEACE[/quote]

I will remember that, no matter what!

K :princess:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, complete trust in God indeed brings complete peace. There is no other way.

Thanks for sharing this blog, Sister Kiwibird.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Sheri Earwood @sheri ·

It's hard at first to totally trust we start out like babies, needin the milk. But as we go thru trials of small or large size we learn god is always right and the devil is always a liar!!! Now we partake of the meat and our lives are not our own anymore. If someone including myself ( or I should say the devil) trys to bring up my past mistakes I remind them or myself about how god used Paul , I love Paul!!! I say god took a man that killed Christians and used him in a big way.

A preacher once said a church member ask him re an illness he had suffered , how he was feeling? He replied, why do I care how this body feels, it's nothing but a burden to me . Our flesh and spirit are at war, but one day... ..

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