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A butterfly landed on my shoulder. published by
My husband and I had stopped at a barn sale in the country. A butterfly lan
My husband and I had stopped at a barn sale in the country. A butterfly landed on my shoulder and as I turned my head I looked right at him so close to my face. I said hello, how you doing little guy. He stayed a few seconds and away he flew.

Many, many years before this happened we had a heat wave here and a drought. It was incredible hot, scorching dry heat with no rain in several weeks. All the grass was brown and the flowers looked wilted. As my friend and I were leaving a local grocery store, we happened to see a beautiful butterfly flailing around on the hot blacktop pavement of the parking lot.

I said to Sue the poor thing is going to die in this heat. The blacktop probably looked like a cool place to land but it was too hot for hum. As we started to pull out of the drive, my tenderhearted friend said she had an idea.

She took a piece of paper and got out of the car and put it just under the butterfly's feet. He immediately got on the cool paper. She brought the paper to the car and handed it to me. I held the paper with one hand and used the other hand to make a shade tent over the little butterfly. He remained motionless well we drove to her apartment building. He was certainly enjoying the coolness.

She took an old mayo lid and filled it with water then took the butterfly paper and all with the water and placed it in the base of a tree out side her apartment.

An hour or so later she went out and checked. The butterfly was gone. Hopefully we drink enough water and had cooled off enough to fly away and continue his journey.

Now I know that butterfly that landed on my shoulder all those years later is not the same butterfly. However it did remind me of the tenderheartedness of my dear friend and sister in Christ.

We are to be that way with the world. It is not our place to decide that it is just a butterfly with a short life span and let it die.

It is the same way with people. We do not walk in their shoes, we do not know the total story of their troubles, nor do I want to. No one should suffer pain when we can do something to help. Sometimes help is very simple, just as simple as cool drink and shade on a hot day.

Joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.

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Marsha Tyler Ronquist is retired and enjoying life. You can find out more about Marsha Tyler at her profile page

Published: Jun 24 2010 06:42:11pm

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Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@bethy)

Goodness mom that is such a beautiful story.

Alison Stewart (@kiwibird)

Thank you KK. I am what can only be described as a bee rescuer. Mostly they are lost or too far from home to go back before dark so I feed them up and they take off home.

Unfortunately my expertise in the field of human needs seems more difficult to find.


Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

I do believe we are the care takers of all of God's creature, even a bee, which by the way I am not fond of. Bee's are very important to this world God created and every life animal or human may from time to time need our assistance. God will bless you for being there for a little bee.

Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)

Loved this blog Katz -great example of the simple love we are to demonstrate with each day of our lives.


Beth M+ (@blest)

Enjoyed this blog! So glad it came up in Random Blog!
blessings, blest

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