A snowball rolling down hill.

Not when will it end, but when did it begin.  Answer that question and you’re on the right path to a solution. 

When will it end?  Every time there is another violent attack, many ask when will it end. I ask when did it begin?  The slow eroding of our society has been like a snowball rolling down a hill. Pin pointing the beginning of the snowball is easy enough. But what is a snowball made of?   Little tiny snowflakes. First 1, than 2, then 3, then a dozen, then a fist full. There’s the snowball the size of a marble. It starts rolling down hill. Adding more snowflakes to its size.  No one noticed those first snowflakes. Maybe around the early 1900’s or a little before. They didn’t receive much attention or notice.


When the snowball began?  When prayer and God were removed from public schools, it was also slowly removed from society. Before 1962, what was society like?  Even for those families who did not attend church, the ideals of faith was in our culture, our text books, regular books, TV shows, music and movies.  There was a clear right and wrong, good and evil. There was a clear distinction between them. There were consequences for bad behavior. Father knows best, Ozzie and Harriet, My three sons, Leave it to Beaver all showed family values, values of faith, honesty, kindness and generosity.


 In 1973, abortion was legalized, but not through the legislative process as our founders intended. It was legalized in the Supreme Court by judges not elected by the people.  Each event adds more snowflakes to the snowball. The snowball is moving at super speed now.  It is the minds and hearts that need to change. It is a return to God and His laws, not man made laws. The further we drift from our Lord, the faster the snowball travels. 


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I can read it. Had no idea snowballs had a beginning date.

Beth M @blest ·

So true. Sobtrue

D Kelley @lineman ·

I very much agree! We actually know when it will all end. When Jesus comes back that will be the end of things as we know it, with a thousand year break, then the final END of SIN!

But the beginning is the problem, yes. I have to remind myself that we cannot place a date on when things really started to go bad. 1973 sure was a turning point for the USA, but I am thinking that the "world" snowball had already gotten to critical mass by then, we just didn't know it.

Sin is the problem! Sin is the "snowball"! If I read my Bible correctly, sin began in Heaven and spread to this earth. Finally, there was "war in Heaven" and 1/3 of the angels were cast out, quarantined to this earth so that the results of sin can be seen without the whole universe being destroyed by it first.

Praise God, even though there was a beginning, we also know that there WILL BE and end! Come Lord Jesus!

Marsha, thanks for this blog!

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Thought provoking. Those are all good starting points but the beginning - I shalln't wax on it, instead enjoy your writing on the subject.

In the west we would say Adam and Eve's fall. The ancient Hebrew would likely say Gen. 6.
Enjoyed the read.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

So true.

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