April 15, 1912, a date most conqunize.

April 15, 1912, a date most people recognize 


In 1912, a young family with 5 children were living in a small logging community in Pennsylvania.  Iddo, Hattie and their five children, Miner, Pearl, Earl, Florence and Bernith. The little logging town in Pennsylvania is now a tourist attraction.  My great grandfather worked in the logging industry, living in several states. On April 15, 1912, their 15 year old daughter, Pearl Irene died of spinal meningitis.  Iddo had returned to Michigan to bury his mother, Aurora who had passed on April 12.  My great grandmother was alone. My grandfather, Earl was 13. He was very fond of his sister. My mother is named for her. 

I hunted for a long time to find just were she was buried, my mothers name sake. I was excited that I had finally found her burial place through find-a-grave.  After I entered all the information into my family tree, the date finally caught my attention. 

That is the day the Titanic sank, and thousands lost their lives in the cold Atlantic Ocean.  The world was focused on that event.  Headlines in newspapers all over the world shared the tragic news. The little family was completely unknown to the world.  I wonder did my great grandparents even notice the headlines?  

Yet, they were not alone. God was there, in that small town in Pennsylvania, just as He was with all those in the Atlantic on that horrific tragedy. There is an awesome realization that comes with knowing an Omnipotent God.    It brings comfort to my spirit. 

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That's a wonderful blog thank you it lifted my spirits

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Indeed He was.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Just one of the awesome qualities of our God.

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