In HIS eyes

This is the very first blog I wrote, 7-20-07. I had trouble and it took several attempts before I completed it. That explains greybear's comment. I thought I would revisit this poem and share it again with all of you. This was written from my heart. The bilateral total knew replacement removed me from being almost completely wheel-chair bound permanently. The surgery gave me a new lease on life, for which I thank God completely. ALL healing comes from God and He does at times to miracle healing. I have known those who have had that tyoe of healing. Other times it comes through doctors and modern medicine. In His eyes In His eyes I shall always be beautiful in ways the world can't see, For while my body is being deformed into His likeness I'm being transformed For every day it seems I grow more beautiful in ways no one can know, For while my body is being deformed into His likeness I'm being transformed, For no other reason than He created me to belong to Him for eternity. The world sees my body as ugly and bent it was for me Christ was sent. And in His eyes I shall always be, beautiful, complete, whole and free. I wrote this July 1, 1994. In 1980, I was told that I have a severe form of crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis with soft tissue involvement. In 1993, I had total knee replacement of both knees at the same time. It was a blessing that they can do this kind of surgery now. It gave me a new lease on life and God has been good to me.

Linda Vuorela @laughingheart ·

Praise The Lord! Isn't God Good!

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Great Job Katz, I knew you could do it!

Thanks for sharing with us!!!



Amen Katz. Good blog. When He looks at us, by the Grace of God, through our faith in Jesus, He sees His Son.

Praise the Lord


Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


God is great and you are an inspiration to us all, KK.


Alive in The Word

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Mom you wrote that???? WOW

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Yes, Bethy, I did write this. I do not write poetry very often, only occasionally. I have maybe a dozen or so that I have written.

Mom KK


This is sooooo very wonderful! Isn't it fun to look back at what we've written and see how much we've grown? :)
Thanks for being a beautiful blessing for others,myself, and for Him.
Diva :heart:


KK, I've copied (hope you don't mind) your beautiful poem and sent it to a friend who is depressed as she has a crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis with soft tissue involvement just as you had.

Glad you are much better and that the grace of God has been your portion.
Praying that you will always improve in health with the Lord's healing.

Thanks for resurfacing your beautiful poem.


Melisa Edmunds @melisa ·

Your poem reminds me of my mother.

Before she passed away she was so sick and her body was so deformed, but never had her spirit been so alive and beautiful. It was as though you had written it for her.
Thank you!


Laurie Gustafson @childofjesus ·

wow thank you i needed to hear that!

Anna Jones @annajones ·

Thanks Mom kk ..for looking back on what God has done in your life and how he views us as his children. God is Good all the time. Lord I love you this day ... .

Love u Mom :) AJ

Shirley Brownley @chibbers ·

Dear KK,

Thank you for this beautiful poem. It means a lot to me as I am fighting a battle with cancer now for the 6th time. It has now gone into the bone and last July my oncologist told me I had at most a year to live. I was also told that I would be on morphine for the rest of my life for the pain. However, God has had his healing hand on me always. I am on chemo weekly but have not had to take anything for pain in over 6 months. We serve such an AWESOME Lord and Savior. I Praise God that you are doing so well and blessing so many with your beautiful poem.


Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

What a beautiful poem, katz. You are an inspiration.


KK, I sent this to my mom, She is suffering from all kinds of illnesses physically and emotionally. She emailed me with this response:

angel, please thank the writer of the poem. I truely needed to hear it today. I was feeling low and it made me stop and think about how God sees me. I am going to put it in my bible so I can find it when I feel low again. Love, Mom

so KK, thank you from my mom. You are a true inspiration to all of us.


Abigail Guevarra @pievenicole ·

it's a beautiful poem... just like the one who wrote it. :)

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I joined a week after you wrote this. As I read it, I remembered reading it. At the time, I didn't know how much I was going to need to remember these things. Even then God was planting seeds to help get me through my tomorrows.
Thank you for writing it in the first place and thank you for sharing it again!

K :princess:

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

You point out such a beautiful thing about our Lord, His ability to make us see beauty in our selves. This is evils biggest obstacle. Your poem brings to mind the love our Lord is able to fill us with. Somehow He does transform us into an enter beauty even we can love.

Praise God,

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