Discipline and punishment are not the same thing.

Discipline and punishment are not the same thing. 

My definition of these two things is simple.  Punishment is done to stop certain behavior at the moment.  Prisons are for punishment. Discipline teaches a lesson. We learn from one but rarely nothing from the other.  

Growing up, my father rarely used corporal punishment. I only remember one spanking. When I was 15, my sister and I with my friend, Joan went into a dime store. Joan was a thief. I stole a compact makeup while with her. Joan took a bunch of stuff. Joan’s mother had found all the stuff and called my mom. My dad worked the graveyard shift, eleven pm to seven am. He usually went start to bed on Saturday morning. It was unusual having him at the breakfast table. I did feel nervous.   After we finished eating, my father looked directly at me and said, “Bring the compact and come with me.  We are going to Vans and you will tell her you stole this.”  My heart was in my throat. Terrified, I did as told. He looked at my sister and told her to come and watch. She could learn a lesson also. She had taken a candy bar but it was no longer available.  She said nothing. We both learned a valuable lesson.  

This is discipline. A lesson learned, consequences of bad behavior and doing wrong. 

Recently a video was posted of a boy running to school.  The boy was kicked off the school bus because he was bullying other children. It was only a mile to school. Making him walk or run to school rather then giving him the comfort of riding in a car was a good idea. The video was the bad idea. I walked a mile and a half. No busses. 

The video comes close to bullying. Too close. 

We are to raise our children with love. True love involves proper discipline. Spare the rod does not mean beat the child. It means proper discipline given in the proper way. My fathers way set the example of how I raised my own children. 

When my second child was about four, he punched a neighbor girl in the nose for taking his toy in the sandbox. I had him apologize to the girl. I then carried her home, crying and bloody nose. I had my son tell the mother what he had done and had him apologize. He was crying, and felt bad. But he never again punched another child for taking his toy. kraftykatz

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·


Steve Hurt @steveh ·

A discussion on another site I check now and again is close to your title here so I had to stop and read it. Glad I did.

I have been both, punished and disciplined. I have also been, considered today, beaten. I cannot say I didn't deserve any of them.

My oldest son at six ran over a kid on his big wheel. I did the same as your Father did. Mom however took his big wheel away from him for a "whole" week. I think that was more the reason we had no further incidents.

GOD bless you. I have missed reading your post.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

So nice and true.

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