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EEEEKS! My eyebrows are gone! When did they turn gray? published by
EEKS! My eyebrows are gone! When did they turn gray? Sunday morning much to
EEKS! My eyebrows are gone! When did they turn gray?

Sunday morning much to my horror when I looked in the mirror I could not see my eyebrows. I took a closer look. EKKS they're gray! That's why I can't see them. The hair is so thin anyway the gray hair just blends into the skin.

Psalms 94:14

I went to the kitchen and said to me husband as he was reading the newspaper,
"When did my eyebrows turn gray?"

He answered,
"Your eyebrows are gray?"

He looked then said, "Yep they sure are gray!"


I have been covering the gray on the hair of my head for many years now. I know many women and men who do not color the gray. This is not a salvation issue but a personal one. I have known many persons with beautiful gray hair.

Mine is not pretty. It is a dirty washed out looking gray. It gives my skin a gray tone and makes me look frail and sickly. So I have colored my hair from around age 40.

My mother was 60 before she even had one gray hair. Life is not always fair. An eyebrow color pencil will fix the look of no eyebrows. That way I will not look like

Aging is a normal part of this life. We start out weighing just a few pounds and being just a few inches long and sometimes with no hair at all. It is not always easy and in all areas except the gray hair I am accepting of it.

I went through knee and hip replacement surgery; I take the medication needed to control the high blood pressure and cholesterol. But this gray eyebrow thingy really got to me.
We go to the YMCA pool for exercise a couple times a week.

But of this I am sure, no matter who frail and weak my body becomes as it ages, my Jesus still loves me.

Psalms 25:4-5

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Published: Feb 27 2009 09:30:09am

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Anna Jones (@annajones)

Yes he does Mom KK. and guess what ? He even knows everyone of those beautiful grey hairs you have on your head and on your eyebrows. God is so Good, I to want to grow old gracefully. Its Life ! Love you so much ! AJ AJ

K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

Ugh...I lost part of my eyebrows twice last year. I felt lucky though, I just had to extend them out a bit with small strokes of an eyebrow pencil. The American Cancer Society offers a free class for cancer patients called "Look Good, Feel Better" believe me I needed it. A friend went with me as a guest and we had a terrific time.

I miss my long brown hair. I would dream about my hair growing when I was in chemo. Now it's just short and gray. While I'd been coloring it for the past eight years or so, I know it was not this gray last March when I shaved my head. Ugh! I thought about coloring it after it started coming back seemed so delicate and soft. It really is totally new hair you know as the follicles were destroyed. I found myself not able to bear putting any chemicals on it. By the time I could even consider it, I'd been running around like this for a few months and decided I just might as well make a clean break. You know everyone really compliments me on it but...that doesn't change the fact that I miss being a brunette! (sniff, sniff). Oh well, when I compare this to being bald...I guess I'll take the soft, gray hair and in two weeks I'll finally be able to say, "I have more hair than I had a year ago!"

K :princess:

Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)

Katz - He loves you even if your eyebrows are grey. It's really an awesome thing. He just loves us no matter what we look like.
I had considered coloring mine again but the chemicals are to harsh for my lungs. The fist several inches are a silvery white but the rest is a dingy yellow. I'm told the oxygen does that to it.
Oh well such is life -after reading K's comment I'm just glad I have hair to complain about .

Blessings dear Sister

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

Amen pooh. God loves us with gray hair, brown hair or no hair at all. KraftyKatz

Alan Nethery (@shadowalker)

The Lord has blessed you with the wonderful years with your husband and your children that makes your gray hair the crown of Glory that it is. -But I do know the feeling... cut off my mustache one day, and when I looked in the mirror my father was looking back at me! -Twelve more hairs instantly turned gray!

God Bless, KK! -I enjoyed...


Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

I had a similar shock one day when an old school friend saw me. She said at first she thought I was my mother. Then she realized I was not old enough to be my Mom. She said it was like seeing my mother the way she remembered my Mom looking when we were kids together. We had started kindergarten together.

K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

When my hair came back after chemo, it was pretty much all gray. I toyed with the idea of going back to coloring it but... oh... it was literally brand new hair and... and... I couldn't bear the idea of going back to putting chemicals on my baby-fine hair. Sigh... I reasoned that if I could face the world sporting baseball caps on my bald head, I could face the world with a full head of hair... even if it was gray.

There are still times when I miss my brown locks but now that I have taken the plunge it is not so bad and you are right. Jesus loves me whether my "crown" is brunette or gray!


K :princess:

Dan Kelley (@lineman)

Hey, speaking of a "crown", can you imagine the color of the crown Jesus will be giving you some day? Wow! And to think, it will NOT be GRAY!

And I'll bet that our own hair will not be gray either. :)

Anna Jones (@annajones)

Mom KK, I love you just the way you are! Your a very wise and wonderful Mom to know,can't wait until we meet either here on earth or in Heaven one day. :) love you ! AJ

Billy Beard (@billyb)

It's the folks that have pink,orange, or weird color hair spiked up, and an earring in their tongue, that worry me! Gray eyelids are cool!

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

Thank you bvillb. I promise I will never have pink, orange or spiked hair. My sister and I and a friend tried coloring our hair once with food coloring when we were about 14 or 15. Wrote a blog about it, "It seemed like a good idea at the time". Sis and I with darker hair no color showed. Our friend however had blond hair that turned orange when she tried to wash the red food color out. We were silly girls. KraftyKatz

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