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Esther, It's tough being a woman, a Beth Moore Bible Study published by
Esther, Its tough being a woman, a Beth Moore Bible Study This is a 1
Esther, It's tough being a woman, a Beth Moore Bible Study

This is a 10-week study that includes a DVD or video to watch each week. Her studies are some of my favorites. She has studies on several topics. One of my favorites was the study on the book of Daniel.

There is a video to watch opening week. Then a week of study of scripture and then followed by a video the next week. It was made clear at the beginning of this study that it would not turn into man bashing. At this point in history, women were treated very badly. We must remember that life was different then and all works to God's glory.

Beth Moore did a survey of women and had them give three things that were hard about being a woman. Each week in the study we have a scenario of,
It's hard being a woman .

Each scenario deals with the topic of that weeks study. I am going to give a brief overview of each scenario to highlight what is in this study of Esther.

Introduction week 1.
Scenario #1:
It's tough being a woman in another woman's shadow.
In the shadow of Queen Vashti, queen of Persia.

Scenario #2:
It's tough being a woman in a world where beauty is a treatment.
Winning a beauty contest becomes a queen.

Scenario #3:
It's tough being a woman in a mean world.
Women were of little value at this point in history.

Scenario #4:
It's tough being a woman thrown a giant-size weight.
The responsibility of saving the Jewish people rested on her. She could have remained silent and saved herself.

Scenario #5:
It's tough being a woman in the tight fist of fear.
Her actions could get herself killed.

Scenario #6:
It's tough being a woman who can balance passion with patience.
She must wait for the right timing.

Scenario #7:
It's tough being a woman who feels responsible for the "how".
She had to implement a plan.

Week #8:
The turn around begins.
Every turn-around starts with a step.
Turn around scenario #7 and #6.

Week #9:
Premise for today's session.
God can't turn a table that was never set against you.
Turning around scenario #5, #4, #3

Last week:
Turning around scenario #2 and #1.

Consider the following thoughts:
Neither Esther nor Mordecai had the power or position alone to deliver their people. It was only as they acted in concerted power and authority that they were able to lead God's people through the crisis of death and into deliverance. Neither of them aspired to the role; perhaps neither of them deserved it. It was thrust on them by a series of improbable circumstances largely beyond their control. Nevertheless, their unlikely partnership accomplished God's ancient promise, and the Jewish race was preserved as the fullness of time, God entered history through this people as the Messiah. How marvelous are God's inscrutable ways!

I am half way through this study. I find it very interesting that even though God is not mentioned by name, He is there among the Jewish people in Persia. Even if Esther and Mordecai had not gone forward, God would have found away to save the Jewish people.

Read the book of Esther.


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Published: Feb 02 2009 10:54:15am

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Anna Jones (@annajones)

Are"nt we glad that God will have his way, no matter who he uses.. Great blog Mom kk..I'll have to look more at Beth Moores studies. Love you AJ

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