Hot Coco Memories

Hot Cocoa Memories Sweet hot cocoa made from scratch An equal today there is no match Fresh in a cup and steaming hot A marshmallow maybe floating on top A mother was making a special treat For her children hot cocoa so sweet School was such a long walk away On cold, icy, wet, and winter day After walking home in a winter storm With no gloves to keep little hands warm The cold was enough to make you cry With no boots to keep little feet dry So red and cold little hands would be Because gloves and boots were a luxury The little feet wet and achy with pain Because sometimes there was icy rain A hot cup of cocoa to warm each child Made to perfection so sweet and mild Real cocoa, powered sugar, and sweet milk Rich with cream, soft and smooth as silk A cherished memory this will always be Sharing hot cocoa brother, sister and me It warmed us up this coco we shared Made lovingly by a mama who cared Coming home at the end of the day There were no words a mother could say So she made love in an old ugly pot Sweet hot cocoa made fresh and hot KraftyKatz :coffee: pretending this is a hot cup of my mama's coco

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

love it!!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Beautiful poem - beautiful memory.

I so remember that kind of homemade hot coco, none of that instant stuff kids have now days.


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