The joys of a Michigan winter

Friday it began to snow, a lot. My husband was slow attaching the snow thrower to his Cub Cadet. He worked most of Friday morning attaching the thrower. He came in the house a few times to warm up. We have a very long driveway. The garage is behind the house. Finally ready to start clearing the snow, he made onetrip down the driveway and the belt broke. He then attempted to use the smaller walk behind he uses on the sidewalk. The Cub Cadet thrower is so large it ripsup the grass on either side of the walk. The carberator decided it was time to die. The snow keptfallingand falling and falling. He bought a new belt for the Cub and bought a new walk behind.Monday and it has finally stopped snowing. The driveway and walk is now cleared.


Beth M @blest ·

GLad it's now cleared! WInter fun and games!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Sounds miserable and cold

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