The Rear View Mirror

I have been reading a very good book, God Loves Broken people, by Sheila Walsh. In one chapter she used an example of not being able to drive forward constantly looking in the rear view mirror. The review mirror is there to occasionally look at where we have been but we must look ahead to move forward. She then related this to our Christian walk. She is so right in this. The past many times inserts its self into our present. Old memories, hurts, disappoint and pains come crashing into our life. We have other times where our Christian walk seems to have stalled or maybe even stopped. Looking back reminds us how far we may have come, but we can not live there. We live in the now with our eyes focused on eternity. We must know where we are going and why. We should remember where we have been. Looking back reminds us of how much we need God’s forgiveness. We sometimes need to look back to heal an old wound. God always heals when we ask. The problem is we do not always see the hurt, pain or disappointment clearly. Old memories can slow down our progress if we spend too much time dwelling on them. Old memories are often very clear, we remember all the details. But is our perception of what we remember accurate? Our perception many times is wrong. When we look in that rear view mirror we see our brokenness as weakness. That weakness terrifies us. We feel vulnerable. The fears in our minds were etched there in our soul when we are young children. Those old wounds have a strong memory but very poor interpretive skills. They can also obscure the truth and keeps us from accurately understanding what really happened. The enemy of our soul wishes for us to stay in that broken state of mind. Yet it is also important to know see and remember how far we have grown in our Christian walk. Glancing back helps us know how far we have progressed. It can reveal to us just how much God loves us. When sin entered this world, it became a broken place with broken people. KraftyKatz :coffee: drinking tea and looking forward in life

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said - thanks


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love this blog. I've heard Sheila Walsh speak a few times at Women of Faith conferences and she is excellent.

While we do need to glance back from time to time, you are right. If we focus on the rearview mirror only rather than look ahead, we will be in serious trouble.


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good advise for me and all. Keep blogging. - bibleguy

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

When reading your blog I was reminded of an expression I have heard when studying part of the Maori culture. Simply put, we look back at the past to inform the future or, to put it another way, learn from the past in order to make better choices in the future! God never said that we were supposed to carry all the 'garbage of the past' with us. I, for one, am extremely grateful!


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