The slippery slope, next step infanticide

Are we having fun sliding down this slippery slope? First we had first trimester abortion, than late term abortion, then partial birth abortion, and now after-birth abortion. All of this is in the name of a woman’s choice. Are we having fun yet sliding down this slippery slope? As an avoid reader, I like to look a dictionaries at estate sales, flea markets and garage sales. Maybe it is the librarian in me. I look up the word abortion. I am sharing these definitions from memory as I do not have the dictionaries in my passion. First was a dictionary from the 60’s. It said Abortion, the removal of embryonic tissue from a women’s uterus. The uterus or the womb is also called the cradle of life. The word woman means man with a womb. At home I looked up in my children’s school dictionary. It said abortion, the removal of unwanted tissue. No mention of human or a woman’s body. Embryonic tissue had now become unwanted tissue. Than I found a very old dictionary from 1920’s at an estate sale. It said abortion, the killing of a human child will in its mother’s uterus. Wow! What a drastic change in terminology from the killing of a human child to the removal of unwanted tissue. We have gone from killing a human child to nothing more than unwanted tissue. Has a human woman ever given birth to anything other than a human child? Are we having fun sliding down this slippery slope? I learned the truth on my journey in the evaluation from pro-abortion to anti-abortion belief. When this entire abortion debate began in the sixties, I listened to the pro-abortion side. Everything sounded logical. There were no real anti-abortion groups at that time because abortion was not yet legal. I told myself I would never have an abortion because I wanted children very much. Yet at that point in time I was fooled into thinking that in the first few weeks it was not human. The enemy of mankind, Satan is so deceptive isn’t he? It was in the early 70’s and abortion was now legal. I was watching a debate on a public access channel. The pro-abortion side stated their case, their talking points. The anti-abortion side was respectful and remained quiet throughout the presentation. The anti-abortion side began their presentation. The disrespect from the pro-abortion group was loud and clear. The anti-abortion group was shouted over, not allowed to finish a sentence. It was a true one sided argument. One side was never allowed to speak so that they could be heard. So many people only listen to the side that they agree with. They just shut out all other words and over talk the other opinions. One ends up finding it hard to hear anything. How deceitful of the enemy of mankind, Satan. One of the points the anti-abortion was trying to make was that it is a slippery slope into euthanasia. I do remember the pro-abortion side shouting in very loud voices NO, NO, NO, NO absolutely not. Euthanasia will never be a topic for any discussion. Stick to the topic of abortion. It is being debated right now with phrases like right-to-die, death with dignity and the end of life counseling. The enemy of mankind, Satan is so deceptive. Are we having fun sliding down that slippery slope? I decided that I needed to learn what it was the pro-abortion side was so adamant about my not hearing. What was it they did not want me to learn? The enemy of mankind, Satan does not want for people to learn the entire truth. At first abortion was to be for the first trimester. We were than given late term abortion and partial-birth abortions. Now the newest slide down the slippery slope is called post-birth or after-birth abortions. I am not making this up. They are really discussing this in the pro-abortion mindset. [url= [url= You have to read this stuff for yourself. It is almost unbelievable, but it is for real. Infanticide is just around the corner as we go sliding down this slippery slope. Are we having fun yet sliding down this slippery slope? The Roe verses wade decision is based on a lie. A married woman committed adultery and was unsure of the biological father. She claimed she was raped. She has sense come forward and is now working to reverse the damage she has caused. The entire pro-abortion debate is based on lies and deception. Yes there are difficult pregnancies. Yes women become pregnant from rape. It is the rapist that is far more deserving of death than the pre born human being. KraftyKatz :coffee:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Of all the bad stuff to come out the 60's and 70's from the baby boomers, (I am of that generation)) abortion has got to be the most horrible. millions of american babies have been killed by their mothers. I can't think of many things that are worse than that. We need to remove this horrible evil from our country. - bibleguy64

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