Unconditional Love, What does it really mean?

When people started using this terminology, God loves us unconditionally; I thought that was a good thing. I have watched and listened over the years and noticed a trend that disturbs me. Yes God loves us unconditionally. He is not going to stop loving us. He did not stop loving Adam and Eve. He did not stop loving King David. He has not stopped loving me through all my sins. I love my children unconditionally. But and this is a big BUT; I would never give my children over to death for your benefit. God loves us not only unconditionally but fiercely. It is a love that is deeper then any we could feel. I would never sacrifice my child for your life. God gave His son for our souls. He loves us that fiercely and with that much passion. God put restrictions on life in the garden. He did that because He does love His creation. He wanted us to be safe from evil yet be happy and contented. He wanted and still wants true fellowship with His creation. Adam and Eve made a choice, to not trust God. Surely you will not die. They did not physically die. They tried to cover themselves with leaves. God did not come storming into the garden demanding repentance. He already knew what they had done. Their disobedience is now our legacy. We still try to cover our sins as if an all knowing God does not know or see. The question is; Was God pleased with their choice? The answer is no. King David committed adultery and then in an attempt to cover that sin, killed a man. God still loved David. He did not send David off to hell in an instant. In Psalm 51, David cried out to the Lord, against you and you alone have I sinned. His remorse and repentance was sincere. God remembers no more and it is forgotten when we are truly repentant. God did not send David straight to hell. But the question is; Was God pleased with the choice David had made? The answer is no. It seems now that many people play games with God’s unconditional love. They can be dishonest and know God is not going to send them straight to hell. Others will find ways to justify adultery, I do not ‘feel’ married to this person, I am not happy with this person but God loves me unconditionally. They sometimes divorce and many times commit adultery. They cheat a little in business dealings, tell a few little white lies and many other instances too numerous to mention. Unconditional love is how some people today try and cover their sins. KraftyKatz :coffee:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

A lot of people believe that "unconditional love" means no discipline and no judgement. Sadly enough, many parents have discovered the hard way that love demands discipline and must enforce boundaries. Those parents who refuse to do this with their own children end up bringing misery to both themselves, their children and often times, their own grandchildren and so forth.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Well, I got nothing to add sister. God Bless, (and this is NOT a fluff comment), either,.

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Yes, sad but true. I think some people sometimes may also use salvation in a similar matter... "I'm saved now so I can do what I want and won't go to hell"...How disappointing it must be to see His children that He has bestowed such a love on only use it as an excuse to hurt Him and disobey Him for selfish pleasures... We should be grateful for the security it brings and love Him and aim to please Him more because of this unconditional love!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

The beauty of God's unconditional love is that He loved us unconditionally even before we were His children. While we were children of satan God gave all of Himself for us. Now [i]that[/i] is indeed unconditional .

You are so right that unconditional love does not, and never ought to excuse or cover sin. Sin in our lives needs to be dealt with swiftly, sometimes harshly and always fully.

Good blog, well worth reading and recommending.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

I posted this blog last May. Imagine my surprise to receive two comments in August. I am pleased that you enjoyed this blog.
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