Walking on my Garden Path

Walking on my Garden Path

While walking on my garden path

That runs between the wild flowers

The peace I feel from deep within

A place I could spend so many hours

This path at first is large patio blocks

All nice and neat in a solid row

Straight and true solid and safe

Everything moving in a steady flow

The walking path has begun to change

Broken bricks and pieces patched

Smooth and easy walking still

All arranged and nicely matched

The path again begins to change

Pebbles and stones and tiny rocks

But solid and smooth not a bump

As smooth as with the patio blocks

The changes to the path beneath my feet

Are like the changes around me in life

The width of the path remains the same

Straight and true through the strife

This is the way of a Christian's path

In a world that's filled with shame

The world around us constantly changes

The Great I Am will remain the same

Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight.

This poem comes from a dream I had. It was a simple dream and I was alone, not frightened or lonely just me by myself. I was walking on a garden path, through wild flowers not a botanical type flower garden. The path was paved, first with patio blocks all nice and neat. Then the path changed. It looked like broken pieces of brick or patio bricks pieced together, but smooth enough for walking. Then the path changed again, this time into small pebbles or stones. Still smooth enough for walking with no problem. Walking through a garden of wild flowers, the path changed beneath my feet, but the width of the path remain the same, never increasing or decreasing and it was straight. It was a peaceful dream and I felt contented and calm and the wild flowers were beautiful.

I have thought about this dream the last few days. That is like our Christian walk.The path changed as does the world and life around us. By trusting God, the path will stay straight. He will keep the path firm under my feet.



Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[quote]By trusting God, the path will stay straight. He will keep the path firm under my feet.[/quote]

It is such a simple key to living, isn't it? :wink: And yet, we get so distracted by our own curious nature we wander off to areas of the garden where we shouldn't be, where things are slippery under foot.


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