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Watch out! A heating pad can cause burns. published by
Watch out! A heating pad can cause burns. Several years ago, well experien
Watch out! A heating pad can cause burns.

Several years ago, well experiencing severe abdominal pain, I used a heating pad for comfort. Warm heat can relax and ease the pain. I fell asleep. I burnt my side making the pain worse. I broke out in a rash that later was diagnosed as Shingles. The Shingles were made worse by the heating pad burn.

My daughter bought for me a simple heating items made by a women she works with to help keep the seniors residents from burning themselves with heating pads. I have worn out two, and I am making a couple new ones today. I thought this might be a good item to share with others. It is simple to make and requires no expertise in sewing.

Use one long tube sock; the ones I am using are 18" long. Fill with plain white uncooked long grain rice. I use about half of a 32 oz. Bag of rice. Fill the sock loosely. If the rice id tightly packed, it will not heat up evenly. Stitch the open end shut on a sewing machine. It is now ready to use.

Heat in a microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on your microwave. Do not let the rice sock become wet. The rice will draw in the moisture and it will be ruined. I have learned to always place mine on a paper plate before placing in the microwave. That way if someone else forgot to dry out the inside of the microwave, my rice sock is safe. Once they draw moisture, you must throw them away.

If it feels too hot directly next to your skin use a small towel. It wraps around necks, knees, elbow and ankles easily and holds the heat for hours.


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Published: Jan 23 2008 09:20:37am

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Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)

Thanks Katz -this should work great on my neck but I need to add rice and a new pair of socks to my shopping list - I don't think minute rice and old socks would work out to good

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

Poohbear, I should have stated that fact, uncooked rice and new tube socks, lol. KK

Anna Jones (@annajones)

:):)good Idea Mom, I will do this , because my daughter is always needing a heating pad, but I dont have a sewing machine, hope I can hand sew it shut ! Love AJ

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@kraftykatz)

Anna, You could hand sew it shut with a large tapestry needle and yarn rather then just regular sewing thread. Fold over one layer of the sock and stich through just a simple running stitch. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Like this Or just tie a big knot in the open end. KraftyKatz

Anna Jones (@annajones)

Cool Mom Thanks ! Love u AJ

Erin Cochran (@throughfaith)

I have to add a comment here ... you don't have to sew it at all. If your tube sock is long enough you can just tie the end in a simple overhand knot. It won't be as pretty as sewing it but the knot can actually function to help transport the hot rice sock from the microwave to the bedroom or sofa or wherever it will be used without warming your hands too much. We've also made these out of worn out hand towels, doubled over. Erin

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