2,000 Days Plus At CB: When God Directs Our Steps

I noticed that I just passed the 2,000 "mile marker" here at CB and I have now been a member for 2,001 days. Hmm... in just a couple of days that will be five and a half years since that fateful night when I typed in the words "Christian Blog" and found just what I was looking for. Actually, God was saying, "Follow me and you will see something amazing awaiting you." but all I knew was there was that I had this burning sense that He wanted me to find something, I didn't know how to find it and so I asked Him to help me find it. That's exactly what He did.

When we ask God to direct our steps, He will do just that. Now often to us, it may suddenly seem like we've gotten onto the wrong path. Things don't look right or they don't look quite like we expected. That sort of describes my first few months at CB. Oh, I liked posting a few blogs, getting some comments and even enjoyed reading and commenting on the blogs of others. There was nothing wrong with that but God had something more in mind.

I joined CB on July 28, 2007 after I had finished teaching summer school and before the new school year had begun. I blogged a bit, commented a bit but then September came and life got very busy. I popped in now and then and wrote a time or two but I was quickly moving on at that point. Then I abruptly learned that I might have breast cancer and that brought me to a sudden halt.

Remembering CB, I came back after being gone for about two weeks or so. I had a very distinct feeling that I needed to run, not walk, back here and when I got here, I needed to stay put. I didn't need to be told twice and before very long I discovered why.

Though the path might take some twist and turns we don't understand, we can be confident that when we allow God to direct our path... we will look back down the road and see it has been an amazing journey. And... the journey is not over yet.


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I for one an delighted that you decided to return. Ya know, there have been a few times when I have tried to leave, yet there is always something that brings us back isn't there?

Could it be the people here??????

Here's to the next phase of the journey.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

So glad you came back and helped bring me back.

CB is a Blessing and that's all there is to it and yes Bethy it is the people here!


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I to was led by God to CB. God had been speaking to me and constructing what I called sermons [due to doubt to my pastoral background] but I had no where to share them. Then one day the thought came to me to blog them. At this point I had no idea what blogging was. Like Kathy and many other I suspect I typed in Christian Blog and this blog seemed right as I was at peace. And the rest as they say is history. I would be interested to know how many bloggers have arrived here via the same pathway.