600 Blogs And What A Jouney It Has Been

As I sit down to write my 600th blog I scarcely know where to begin. You would think that after writing 599 blogs, nearly 2,000 comments plus all the "articles" and comments in the groups I lead and of course conversations in chat that I would have run out of things to say. NOT! I am a :princess: after all and we all know that :princess::princess::princess: tend to be rather... um... articulate. :princess:

As I reflect on my time here at CB, which will be two and a half years the end of January, I can only say that it has been an amazing journey. I was diagnosed with cancer when I'd been here a little over four months. God used CB to help me through that very difficult time. When I suffered a stroke last month my husband called our friends Blessings2you and his wife Blest and B2Y alerted the CB community of what had happened. Thank you for all of your prayers and messages of love. While I was not aware of them at the time, my family was and they were greatly moved by the outpouring of your love.

Those of you who know me have often heard me talk about "doing life together as we do life with God." This is a phrase I first heard used by my pastor and I am quite fond of it. I think it really describes the relationship God wants us to have with Him as well as one another. While it would be impossible for us, in this world, to walk with every single person all of the time, I am thankful that God does bring people together to help and encourage one another and lift each other up to God. I have found that one of the ways He brings people together is right here at CB and I am very thankful that He has!

It is my prayer that I have touched the hearts and lives of others here the way so many here have touched mine and... thank you for doing life with me as we all do life with God.


K :princess:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

I am sure almost ever member of CB has say that you have blessed them in some way... and if they don't/haven't... they should :mrgreen:

Congratz on another 100 blogs!



I am in mere infancy, but bound in the same affliction. I am thinking... I'm done, having run out of words (owning few anyway) and, in the early morning The Spirit taps me on the forehead as I lie there and says "It's time to get up and pursue an idea now or it will go away. I have solved that, as a pad is on the night stand - often I look at it later and say "What did He mean by that"? I only dread the day when He fails to to do this, as it would mean that He is not sure that I get the message. I, perhaps you as well, am composing my final message for the stone. "Milt, he got it . He was not Shakespeare, but he was not shy". Sorry for the not too relevent comment, but you know how it is. We can't resist. milt

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you for sticking with this blogging thingy and maybe, just maybe you might catch up with me if I decide to write one blog per year. Hmmm, since I don't see that happening, I am just thankful for all you have to say and your faithfulness in saying it.

Happy 600, especially in light of what the last month brought!!

Seriously, thank you for all you share in so many different venues, all with the goal of being a blessing to those whose lives you touch. Thank you for blessing my life and making it easier for me to be a blessing 2 you.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Well, I for one will not be catching up with you or B2Y!

There are times when the ways of the Lord are mysterious but sometimes he allows us a big yehaw so
I rejoice with you in your achievement and I rejoice that I have the privilege of doing life with you.



K, you are God's blessing to us. We thank God!


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