A Broken Connection

When it comes to computers, neither my husband nor myself are very saavy which often surprises people as he is an AV guy. Apparently people think computers and audio/video equipment are one and the same. They are not.

Last night, we suddenly lost our internet connection so we called our ISP. Tecnical support was puzzled at first because in addition to having no reported outages in the area and when she checked out signal, it was very strong. 

She led us through the usual checklist of rebooting the modem, ect. Still there was nothing until I disconnected my computer from the wireless router and connected it directly into the modem. Voila! Our aging wireless router has developed a problem and needs to be replaced. 

The solution was simple enough. I went online, ordered a new one and I am going to be picking it up shortly.

This morning however, I have come to realize how much I took my wireless router for granted. I did not consciously realize how much I depend upon it functioning properly. For example, my iPhone and Mac Mini are no longer speaking to one another for they are no longer on the same network. The connection between them has been broken. I hadn't realized how much they "talked" to one another until the connection was broken. Things that could have easily been accomplished in moments, suddenly became much more difficult and it was all because of a broken connection.

This has caused me to think the connection between myself and God. While the signal is always strong on his end, am I always open to receive it? Is our connection constant and strong or is it at times, intermittent or even blocked? Are we in communication with one another or has my end fell silent, ignoring His signal?

In regards to our router and a few other technical issues we've encountered, we decided to call in an expert . Rather than wander about blindly, hoping we can get things back up and running again, we placed a call to a very close friend of ours who works in IT at a local college and knows all about Macs, iPhones, networks, routers, etc. He is happy to come out and set our house back in order once again and the price is right. I must entertain his five and seven year old while he works and since those children just happen to be some of my favorite people, I am getting a bargain!

When we have discovered a connectivity problem it is best to call in "The Expert", the Holy Spirit to help us get things up and running properly once again. We can try to do it on our own but often our own efforts do not get to the root of the real problem and we will continue to experience a bad connection over and over again.

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