A Cheap Date Can Be Priceless

My husband and I had been planning this for about a month. The weather was overcast rather than partly cloudy as promised and the temperature hovered around 65 degrees instead of 72 but that did not deter us from our plans. It's apple time in Minnesota once again and that means it is time to head to the orchards.

I love apples. The problem is raw apples never loved me until an apple grower at the U of M arboretum told me what my problem was and how to solve it. I'm sensitive to the acid. This was why I could enjoy apple pie, baked apples, etc. but not fresh apples. The solution is to eat low-acid apples. Unfortunately most grocery stores only carry varieties which are high in acid such as Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious and Granny Smiths. However, in the fall it is a different story. Minnesota's own favorite apple Honey Crisp is a low-acid apple. Other apples I can tolerate are Honey Gold and Chestnut Crabapples.

For the past couple of years, a co-worker of my husband's has invited us to come down to his place and pick apples from his orchard free of charge. We've always been meaning to do it but we just never got around to it until now. Our friend was going to be out of town but he gave us a map and told us to have fun. We did.

He lives about 20 miles south of us. We stopped and had lunch at a little place about four miles from our destination. This place has great gyros for only $3.50 a piece so it was a cheap lunch.

Although it was overcast, it was not raining and the breeze was nice. We were the only people on the place and we enjoyed exploring the orchard on our own. Although there were only a few Honey Crisps left, we did get quite a few Honey Golds for eating and some very nice Harrelsons for baking.

We stopped off at another favorite orchard on our way home. Yes, they still had Honey Crisps and they were only $2.50 a pound. They were running $2.99 a pound in the store. We bought some Honey Crisps, apple butter, strawberry jam and apple barbecue sauce. Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's wonderful!

Before going home we picked up some fat-free caramel to dip apple slices in later this evening after church tonight. We're headed to church this evening because my husband has to work all day tomorrow.

This certainly was not a glamorous or expensive date. However, we firmly believe doing these simple pleasures together are a key ingredient in the glue which holds a marriage together. Don't ever dismiss them as being trivial!

K :princess:

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

K, thanks for posting this blog. Being able to enjoy the simple things with your loved one is so important and making memories together like yours will last forever.
You have really inspired me and have been such an encouragment to me this morning, as you always are.
Love ya!
YSIC, :princess:
-Golden :flower:

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