A Clean Sweep

I got out my electric sweeper the other day in order to give the textured tile floor in my kitchen a good cleaning. While using it, I moved the pedestal table that sits next to the bay window and suddenly let out a gasp as the sweeper bumped up against two heavy pieces of broken glass. 

I remembered that a couple of weeks ago, my husband had dropped a glass mug while he and our two-year-old grandson were in the kitchen. We thought we had cleaned up the area well. My husband had swept  up the glass and I had gone over it with the electric sweeper for good measure. Now I realized that wasn't good enough.

The pieces were far from where the glass had been broken. Apparently they had flown through the air across the room and managed to get between the table leg and the floor vent where they lay hidden. We had swept the area and had even done so under the legs but had failed to actually move the table and check underneath the legs. 

While my husband and I probably would not have stepped on the glass, as it was so close to the wall and window, it is a different story for my grandson. You see, he loves to duck under the table, give it a bit of a push and and peek through the middle window. He also hates to keep shoes on his feet, just like his grandma. It is highly likely that if I had not spotted that glass first, he would have stepped on it and cut his foot.

From time to time we get things in our lives that need to be removed lest they hurt us. Sometimes we are aware of them and perhaps we even attempt to clean them up or get rid of them. The problem is, often we leave "fragments" behind. That's why it is important to do a "clean sweep" of our heart daily. We need to "move the furniture", turn on the light and carefully peer into each nook and cranny. Then we need to realize that as thorough as we have tried to be, we simply are not thorough enough so we need to have an inspection done by the Holy Spirit. Then and only then can we walk confident that our heart has been cleanly swept and put into order.


Photo by MikeWebkist on Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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