A Clear Channel

I live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and from the time I was a child, I knew there was a big difference between fresh or "living" water and stagnant or "dead" water. I remember how my nose would wrinkle up when I would come upon a pool of stagnant water. It smelled of disease and death and instinctively I was repulsed by it.

It wasn't always that way, you know. It started out as living water, flowing from out of a lake or bubbling up from an underground water source. Perhaps it flowed from pristine snow melting high up in the mountains. Regardless of the source, at one time it was moving, flowing unhindered. Oh, there may have been curves thrown at it and some adjustments had to be made but that didn't stop it from it's journey.

Then something happened. The channel became blocked, clogged to the point that the water ceased to flow. It became "dead" water. As long as the clog remains in place, the water will remain dead. The good news is, it doesn't have to remain dead. Free of the clog, the water can flow once again and become filtered and purified. It can live again.

Has the water of life that flows through you become clogged by things like, worry, self-centeredness, disobedience, complacency, lust and the pursuit of the pleasures of this world instead of the things of God? Ask God to clear away the clogs so that living water might once again have a clear channel to flow not only through you but cascade down upon others as well.


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