A Debt Which I Can Never Repay

Bound and imprisoned by sin, Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so that we might be set free and live life more abundantly in Him and through Him. I think that we often forget the great debt which of which we were forgiven. We may talk about how wonderful it is but does our behavior reflect that?

We often behave like greedy children, crying out incessantly for the the treasures of this world. We pursue the prestige of this world making that our primary focus and try to justify our actions by saying that if we are in such a position we can "do" more for God and be a "witness" once we reach our goal. The sad truth is... once we reach our goal, we quickly set another one and race off towards it. We even attempt to use God's Word to justify our selfish behavior. Shame on us!

We often behave like stubborn, rebellious children. It is either our way or no way. We try to justify this behavior as well by saying that God wants us to be persistent in our prayers. Yes, He does... unless He has already given us the answer. The problem is, in our minds anything other than "yes" is not an answer. Any parent will tell you that "wait" or "no" are also answers. If we understand this in an earthly sense, why don't we understand it when it pertains to God?

Do we realize and appreciate, I mean really appreciate what Jesus Christ has given us? Every single day, our hearts should be filled with thankfulness to God. Our thoughts should not be centered on what God give to us. They should be centered on what we can give to Him.

Granted, it is not much but it is exactly what God desires... a thankful heart.


K :princess:


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